My Life Among The Female Humans

…pretty much equal parts bliss and terror

Ok, what the fuck is up with this screwy assed weather? Last weekend, it was near 100 and sunny…today, it was chilly (mid 60’s), overcast and drizzly rainy. And that comes after 2-3 days of high winds. My veggie garden is very confused. I’m warning you, weather…stop dicking around with my tomatos!


2 comments on “My Life Among The Female Humans

  1. mythusmage says:

    You Too?
    Down here it was two days of hurtin’ sunlight and 90 degree temperatures. Then it’s been about three days of blustery, chilly, and wandering wet. People are wandering around in an existential daze marveling that the sky is really blue.
    Except for the ones averting their eyes and muttering how blue skies are unnatural and a sign of God’s wrath on Man.
    “If God wanted blue skies he wouldn’t’ve made ’em brown!”

  2. doc_mystery says:

    For a change, we had a beautiful and sunny and warm day up here in SW Ontario.
    Would have been perfect for gardening, Mrs_DM groused while we were at the Spring Christie’s Antique Show.

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