A Loose Goose Named Bruce Stuck In A Caboose With An Obtuse Juiced Moose

…writing that one kinda hurt my brain


1: Tomorrow night is Curryfest with our friend, Sharon. We haven’t seen her in dog’s age, ever since she abandoned Sacramento to go live with her son and daughter in law in the wilds of Seattle. Should be fun and good eatin’.

2: Speaking of good eatin’, due to the high price of nearly everything, but especially good (as in not deadly poisonous China based) dog food, I cooked up a huge pot of “dog rice” for The Girls. Besides rice, it contains potatos, carrots, zuchinni, sweet potatos, chicken livers, chicken giblets and just enough herbs to make it Puperrific and Dogalicious. The Girls have been eating it with great enthusiasm.

3: Apparently, D&D 4th Edition has gone on sale at some online outlets a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, as well as popping up in downloadable PDF for out on the internet. This has gotta be pissing Hasbro/WOTC off a bit and REALLY pissing off brick & mortar game stores. It is an indication of how little I care about 4E that I won’t even bother downloading it for free.

4: Should be a pretty busy weekend for we residents of stately Cross Manor. Curryfest on Friday, SPCA Doggie Dash on Saturday and my mom’s 80th birthday on Sunday. I foresee some serious sleeping on Sunday night.


One comment on “A Loose Goose Named Bruce Stuck In A Caboose With An Obtuse Juiced Moose

  1. unclelumpy says:

    While on recluse in the Syscuse?

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