The Flea Market Of The Gods

…it’s where Zeus sells his used thunderbolts


1: The California Supreme Court has ruled that the ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. Gee, do ya think that might be because getting married, in the eyes of the state (NOT in the eyes of any fucking church), is entering into a legal contract? Do ya think that it might just be setting up a “separate, but equal” situation to demand that a group of people accept a “civil union” instead of a marriage? Oh, and to any rightwing religious fuck who might read this, “separate, but equal” was ruled illegal by the U.S. Supreme Court. Of course, the righties are crying “Legislating from the bench!” (which, oddly, only seems to apply to rulings they don’t agree with) and threatening to pass an amendment to the California constitution. Stupid homophobic assholes.

2: According to some gardening and sustainable agriculture blogs that I read, home gardens are on the rise due to the sucky economy. YAY! Once again, Your Humble Narrator is way ahead of the curve! Y’all should plant some veggies or fruits or herbs. (especially herbs, which are hella expensive if you buy ’em fresh in the store) Veggie gardening is fun and you get to eat what you grow.

3: Since I can’t get to any of the big cons this year, I’m thinking of giving my cell number to those of you who are going so you can call me on the Saturday/Sunday of Origins or GenCon and give me a con report.

Dark Blue Spiders

…with white eyes

I just say the teaser trailer for The Spirit, directed by Frank Miller, shot in the same style as Sin City and coming to theatres on Xmas day, 2008.

My inner fanboy’s head exploded.

I am SO there on Xmas.

Doc Tempest VS The Batman

…from the January 1970 issue

Here, my friends, for your possible amusement, are the complete lyrics to the “Food For Dogs” song that I sing to The Girls every time I feed them.

Food For Dogs (words and music by Doc Cross)


“It’s food for dogs!”
“Not hogs”
“or frogs”
“on logs!”
“It’s food for dog-dog-dogga-dog-dogs”

“It’s food for Daisy”
“Who isn’t crazy!”
“It’s food for Winker”
“My little stinker!”

“It’s food for dog-dog-dog-dog-DOGS!”

Note: The last line is sung in a very low bass.

The Kitty Cats Brew Up Some Beer

…fish flavored beer

Woohoo! Daisy and I walked 3.7 miles in 1 hour and 20 minutes tonight. Pretty good, seeing as how half of the route was uphill and Daisy likes to stop about every 15 feet to either pee or sniff something. By the time we got home, we were, you should pardon the expression, dog tired.

She Was A Golden Kind Of Girl, Who Moved Like A Cat

…and struck like a rattlesnake

The Mother’s Day breakfast with my mom and Grace went very well indeed. We ate a ton of food, talked about everything from dogs to taxes to beer to relatives and generally had a good time. Once we got home, Grace puttered around the house and I worked most of the afternoon out in the garden.

In the inevitable “other news”, I’ve been reading bits and pieces about the upcoming 4th edition of D&D. While I am not anywhere near the target audience for this game (I’m over 50, I like rules light/setting heavy games, I thought D&D 3rd Edition was a clusterfuck), I can’t help feeling that, if what I’ve read is really how the game is targeted, Hasbro/WOTC is screwing the D&D pooch. It would seem that the target audience is divided between MMORPG players and the more hardcore type of tabletop gamer. Why would an MMORPG player want the hassle of finding a group to play a tabletop RPG? If I could get my gaming buddies together online to play, oh, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, I’m afraid my tabletop RPGing would fade away. People play WoW and other online games for several reasons, and some of those reasons are ease of entry, ease of play and ease of finding other players. And let us not forget instant gratification. In all of these areas, tabletop RPGs are way behind MMORPGs.

Targeting the hardcore D&D gamer is a guaranteed sale, but if you do it at the expense of newer players, I think you are making a mistake. I cannot count the number of new players I’ve seen who went into “deer in the headlights” mode when they were confronted with less than accessible rules (and less than accessible settings, in some cases). 4E does not really seem to be addressing this, altho there is supposed to be some sort of introductory version coming out next fall.

Now, it’s possible that what I’ve been seeing (with the exception of sneak peeks of the actual game) is all so much horseshit being spouted by frothing at the mouth gamers, but I’m betting it’s not. Still, we only have a short time until the game comes out and then we can all see what is up.

And now, I’m outta here.

The Ultimate Mug Of CocoaTea

…mexican hot cocoa + insanely strong tea = buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


To all of the mothers on my friends list (and to any other mothers that may read this), I say Happy Mother’s Day! You ladies have the most noble/difficult/rewarding/heartbreaking/underappreciated/necessary job in the world. A big thank you to every one of you. Give yourselves a big old hug from me.

Quincy, The Happy Little Shoggoth

…he has such good manners

Well, Grace and I are back from the Whole Earth Festival and it was fun and interesting and alternative and green and stuff. There were crafts booths, food booths, political/social activism booths and, best of all, lots of tie dyed clothing booths. There was live music aplenty and lots of old hippies, new hippies, hippie posers and non hippies. Also, there were many dogs, altho we didn’t see any Basset Hounds. Unfortunately, I have no pics to show y’all because I left the camera here at home. Maybe next year.

Just in case y’all aren’t doing anything cool tonight, or if you like cheesy dinosaur flicks or you’re a masochist, Sci-Fi Channel is premiering another of their fine “Made For Sci-Fi Channel Movies”, Aztec Rex. Yep, Aztecs, conquistadors and a bigass T. Rex. What more could you ask for?

Time to either thrash about in the garden or go food shopping. What to do, what to do?