Under All Of That Sophistication, She Was A Savage Little Wench

…and she liked it that way

I’m drinking beer and eating Trader Joe’s Baked Jalapeno Cheese Crunchies. My lips and tongue are numb, my brow is sweaty and my mood is increasingly mellow. What better time to write more about my upcoming RPG series?

More Thrilling RPG Stuff Right Here

The Flying Spanaducci Sisters Get Abducted By Aliens

…pity the poor aliens

WAHOOOO! There is a breeze blowing outside and the sky has a slight bluish tint. The air quality is merely Not So Good, which means that as soon as I finish my tea, I’m out in the garden! Beans must be planted! My 23,751 sunflower seedlings need to go in thye ground! Compost piles…LOTS of compost piles…must be turned! The inevitable squash picking must happen! Ooh yes, I shall be horticulturally whoring today.

For about an hour, cos the air quality still ain’t that great.

Gaming bloggage later today, I promise.

Dancing With Wombats, Starring Robin D. Laws

…in honor of his first trip to Australia

Have fun, Robin.

So I got my first unemployment check yesterday. Only for one week and it’s a pittance, but it’s a grocery buying/small bill paying/maybe go see a matinee movie pittance, so I’m not gonna bitch about it.

Must go food shopping now. Big gaming related post later today.

The Rare And Beautiful Firebreathing Monkfish Of Potawango Island

…they cook their own prey

Man, the smoke in the air was the worst yet today. I was outside a couple of times doing stuff and after 15 minutes or so, I had a sore throat and a headache. I can only imagine how this air is hammering people with respiratory trouble.

Just as an example of how goofy I can be, every night as I fix The Girls their hot dinner, I’ve taken to acting it out in the style of different Food Network chefs. Tonights chef was Mario Batale. Last night was Emeril, complete with a BAM!. Can Alton Brown or Paula Deen be far off? By the way, both hounds seem to enjoy my efforts…as long as dinner doesn’t take too long to get in their bowls.

Soon…like, after dinner, I need to find a good refrigerator pickle recipe. The cucumber vine is doing it’s best to win some sort of productivity prize.

An idea just struck me for an RPG in which the typical hack & slash Monty Haul dungeon world is taken to it’s logical conclusion. Which, unfortunately, I shall not be discussing here at this time. I do, however, look forward to y’all giving forth with wildass guesses about what I have in mind:)

Gotta go out and brave the crappy air, due to Daisy refusing to learn to use the toilet. More blogski later.

He Was A Good Cop…and Excellently Priced

…it’s hard to beat $200 for a walkaway

More RPG Stuff

Here’s some more info on my upcoming Fall/Winter Fantasy Series. What follows are the choices of Race, possession of Magical Aptitude (the ability to learn spells and do other wizardly stuff), the job they worked after completing their basic education (grades K-8), what higher education or other training they had from age 16 to 20 and what job they had to work their way through college.

Behind this, so as not to bore nongamers