He Was A Good Cop…and Excellently Priced

…it’s hard to beat $200 for a walkaway

More RPG Stuff

Here’s some more info on my upcoming Fall/Winter Fantasy Series. What follows are the choices of Race, possession of Magical Aptitude (the ability to learn spells and do other wizardly stuff), the job they worked after completing their basic education (grades K-8), what higher education or other training they had from age 16 to 20 and what job they had to work their way through college.

Race: Kemin
Magical Aptitude: Yes
Job Age 13-16: Work at inn
Higher Education: League of Mages
Work Thru College: Work at inn

Race: Human
Magical Aptitude: No
Job Age 13-16: Farm worker
Higher Education: Navy

Race: Human
Magical Aptitude: Yes
Job Age 13-16: Assorted low level jobs
Higher Education: Adventurer’s Guild

Race: Gnome
Magical Aptitude: No
Job Age 13-16: Gnomish Repair Shop
Higher Education : Gnomish Institute Of Technology
Work Thru College: Gnomish Repair Shop

To explain a bit about the above, the Kemin race is a group of people that are about halfway between being elves and Native Americans. They look mostly human, but have skin of mottled or streaked coloration that give them natural camouflage in their native surroundings. Sam’s character is one of several who have lived among the humans for the last 3-4 generations.

Grace is playing a Gnome and I’ve decided to go with the popular vision of Gnomes as tinkerers, inventors and engineers. Gnomes average about 3 feet tall and are a bit odd looking (big noses and ears, hair and eyes in every color of the rainbow), but otherwise behave much like humans…mechanically obsessed humans.

Arn and Paul have both chosen to forgo college and serve their country, altho Arn is serving it from the private sector. The Adventurer’s Guild functions much like a Scouting Corps, but also provides security for trade caravans or expeditions put together by colleges, especially the League of Mages.

Each character will get some perks upon completion of their education/enlistment. For Sam, the big perk is that she will be a member of the League of Mages. This will give her many contacts among the mage community, access to League libraries and laboratories and a subscription to their newsletter “Magic Today”. Oh, and she’ll know 1D6+3 spells.

Paul will get to keep his Navy issue weapons and armor, as well as having seen more of the world and made many no doubt useful friendships. If he sustains a maiming injury in combat or in performance of his duties, he’ll get a lifelong pension. Paul may also come away with some sweet loot as his share of any prize taken while battling pirates or non-allied civilizations.

Arn will get weapons, armor, a horse and a 6 month contract with one of the major trade caravans. Like Paul, he will also have seen more of the world and made many contacts.

Grace will leave G.I.T. (yeah, I know:) with a degree, many contacts and friends, several useful/semi-useful gadgets, a really sweet Gnomish toolkit and a self-propelled clockwork bicycle.

In my next post, I’ll discuss how the characters are created by both myself and the players.


One comment on “He Was A Good Cop…and Excellently Priced

  1. unclelumpy says:

    Nope… Still bored.
    Sorry, but I’m just not really interested in any game I, myself, am not part of.
    What can I say? I’m only human.

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