Under All Of That Sophistication, She Was A Savage Little Wench

…and she liked it that way

I’m drinking beer and eating Trader Joe’s Baked Jalapeno Cheese Crunchies. My lips and tongue are numb, my brow is sweaty and my mood is increasingly mellow. What better time to write more about my upcoming RPG series?

Creation of characters for this series will be a joint venture between myself and the players. I’ll give them 11 points in each of their basic attributes (Strength, Health, Intelligence, Dexterity, Agility, Perception and Willpower), then roll a D20 to determine how every 6 months of their college/military years went. Too many low rolls and something lastingly bad happened. Lots of high rolls and something equally good happened. I’ll also assign some of the equipment they end up with, as well as give each one a few contacts and friends.

For their part, the players will get 8 points to distribute among their attributes, then 50 points to distribute among however many skills they choose. In addition, they’ll get to choose a few goodies from the equipment pile, as well as the usual equipment staples.

Finally, I’ll give each player a list of rumors and stories that their character has heard over the last 4 years. After that, they’ll be ready to seek their fortunes

What about motivations, family background, flaws, etc, etc, etc, you say? Well, I’ll be discussing that with each player over the next two months.

Next post on this: Stuff about the setting.


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