Giant Baby Bunnies

…hippity hopping through your town, destroying it


1: The wildfires burning all over Northern California really have our air full of smoke. Not good to be out in, especially if you have respiratory problems.

2: I made a big batch of “Dog Rice” for The Girls. Ingredients include brown rice, split peas, sweet potatoes, zuchinni, beef, chicken and assorted herbs & spices. It was very well received, with much nom nom nomming and enthusiastic tail wagging.

3: I have an idea how we might bring new gamers into the RPG Hobby: Put older gaming guys out to stud. Hey, it works for horses! In addition to increasing the number of gamers, it could also provide a nice supplemental income to often cash strapped gamer households…once our wives stop laughing at the idea.

Gotta go look for honest work. More bloggage later.

The Story Of The Wolf Among The Sheep

…sadly, it has no ending just yet

Random Thoughts, Somewhat Dark

1: The current situation here at Casa Cross has me feeling a great deal of kinship with Bruce Banner and The Hulk. Or perhaps Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

2: There are perhaps two of you who will truly understand what the above means.

3: Might sell off my collection of Alarums & Excursions. In all honesty, they mostly just take up space, and I could use whatever $$ such a sale would generate.

4: On the one hand, it is good that life affords us such a variety of learning opportunities. On the other, it is indeed a pain in the ass that we get no summer vacation from them.

5: Worked in the garden for about an hour, then had to come inside and shower off due to Sweat Blindness: That point at which sweat is running in your eyes faster than you can wipe it away.

6: Along the lines of #3 above, I may sell off more of my game collection, since much of it never gets used.

Giving Cooking Lessons To Dogs

…which they paid very close attention to

Ok, so for whatever reason, the month of June is an insanely popular birthday month for gaming friends of mine. Apparently, the parents of many future gamers decided to let their passions run wild in mid to late August/early September. While being born in June does not carry the same air of superiority that being born in January does, it still made for some great folks. So…


You Should Never Get Drunk And Wake Up In Middle Earth

…also, you can’t get good barbecue anywhere outside the Shire

My Fall/Winter Fantasy Series

So, as I’ve mentioned before, this new series will take up after the “Bringing Back The Magic” series from last year. About 300 years after, actually.

The situation is that magic has returned to the world and, after a few decades of utter chaos (civilizations collapsing, land masses reshaping, new lifeforms popping into being, new races appearing, wild magic raising hell), things have settled down somewhat.

Most kingdoms are fairly new and thus small. Humans and nonhumans are getting along in some cases, fighting like hell in others. Magic is still pretty rare and there are no great wizards yet. Magical creatures are likewise rare, but on the increase. Huge areas of the world are unexplored.

There are no great wizard towers or dark dungeons to explore…but there are plenty of ruins from the great Old Empire. There are no +3 swords or magical items or potions to be found in these ruins, just good old fashioned loot. Gold, silver, rare gems and ancient artifacts are what Our Intrepid Adventurers will be hunting for.

And speaking of Our Heroes, the newly formed League of Mages is ever on the lookout for young adepts to train (in exchange for a few years of service), while both the Army and the Scout Corps are looking for a few good men or women. Or they could just strike out on there own as freelance treasure hunters.

But before any of this adventuring starts, Our Heroes will need to get a grubstake together and head off to the Big City. I’m thinking that will take care of the first several episodes:)

Hot Glass Octopi


As Usual, More Stuff

1: As anyone with half a brain could have predicted, the D&D 4E GSL is much more restrictive than the 3E OGL was. Also very predictable is the fact that there are 1,965,437 forum threads out there discussing it. All but 2 or 3 have turned into namecalling shit storms.

2: Still no employment for me. Only The Girls see my being home all day as a plus, altho after the scrummy dinner she had last night, Grace is thinking having a full time househusband is not a bad thing. If she can get a $1,200.00 a month raise, I foresee me cleaning alot more floors:)

3: My prep for the Fall/Winter Fantasy RPG Series is going well. The players will have 3, maybe 4, races to choose from and there will be no classes or levels. It will all be about the skills, baby. Basic rolls will be D20 based attribute + Skill Bonus, with assorted pluses and minuses thrown in as the situation calls for. That is, of course, assuming that we don’t get all caught up in roleplaying and forget to roll the dice.

4: My faithful hounds never cease to amaze me in their dietary breadth. They just got done eating sliced pattypan squash as their morning treat. So far, we have determined that they enjoy eating: squash, cucumbers, strawberries, bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, pumpkin, carrots, apples, peaches, plums, mango, papaya, tomatoes, oranges and okra.

5: Decided not to have another plant sale this weekend, but will have one next weekend.

More blogstuff later.