On The Other Hand, It Was Preferable To Getting Killed

…plus, we’d seen the flaw in his plan

Grace and I just got back from seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We both liked it and agreed that is was at least as good as Temple of Doom.

Heard from Round Table Pizza about the job. Apparently, the local manager is waiting on the proper paperwork to get me hired, including the paperwork that goes along with a drug test. She said she’d call me between Friday and Monday to let me know what’s what.

I’m considering a month long daily project for this LJ, most likely to take place in September. The big question is: Can I come up with enough ways to End Civilization As We Know It…in 300 words or less? I must think upon this.

Watched the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince online this morning. It looks very good.

Must go now to pay bills and buy food. More blogstuff later.

Chocolate Dogs, Ice Cream Cats, Cheescake Mice

…all just waiting for hungry humans

I had a dream last night, the subject being one of the 4-5 recurring dream plots I’ve had for most of my life: going somewhere in a motor vehicle.

The vehicle in question was a huge tour bus sized RV that had the TARDISlike quality of being much larger inside than out. Better still, I was traveling with not only Grace and The Girls, but with several of my gaming friends. I most vividly recall spikeyj and his sweetie of a wife (the latter was acting as my navigator, while Spike was engaged in using a computer terminal), iamnikchick (who was making a salad), freeport_pirate, robin_d_laws, smalley_smoot (who were giving a pretty hilarious commentary on some political speech on CNN) and the latter’s lovely wife, Holly, who was giving Winker a bellyrub.

There were a bunch of other folks there, too. I’m pretty sure I recall seeing Steve Jackson and doc_mystery in the crowd. The music in the background was a mix of everything from honky tonk to punk to J-pop.

And our ultimate destination? as almost always is the case in these sort of dreams, I have no idea. We were driving through some very scenic country tho. I’m thinking Montana, but hell, it could have been Germany or Middle Earth.

And then, I woke up at 2:45 AM to pee. When I fell back to sleep, I had a dream that I was milking a cow.

We Still Like Monkeys

…as long as they don’t fling poo


1: It seems that Wizards of the Coast is gonna shut down the official D&D social networking site, the awfully named Gleemax. I’m thinking this was partly based on bean counting and partly on the fact that there are roughly 47 zillion ways for gamers to socially network via the interwebs.

2: Our sweet and rowdy little Winkerdog is feeling much better after a visit to the vet for her latest bout of ear infection. She is on Prednisone for the inflammation, then, starting tomorrow, she’ll get twice daily treatments with Otamax to get rid of that nasty old yeast.

3: The pork chops in wine and herbs that I made last night were so good, Grace and I did the Happy food Dance.

4: Speaking of dancing, a Secret Reader of this LJ has asked if there is a FOOOOD FOORRR DOOGGGGGSSSS! dance to accompany the song that I posted here some time ago. Yes, there is. No, you’ll never get to see it.

5: I informed The Lady Of The House that we will be going to GenCon in 2010, since that will mark the 20th anniversary of me meeting most of my best gaming friends. I fully plan on bustin’ out big time that year with my pals. Let Indianapolis be forewarned:)

6: As for GenCon 2009, right now, I’d say it’s 80% no go. That could change if I get a job, win the lotto or decide to start robbing from the rich and keeping it for myself.

7: Usually, by this time, I’m gettin’ sick of the presidential race. However, this time, my optimism about Mr. Obama and my cackling laughter at the McCain Clusterfuck Express have combined to make all this political horseshit much more tolerable. I expect this will change by September.

And now, I’m off to do about 248 chores. More blogging later.

Chocolate Frosting On A Chicken Fried Steak

…two great tastes that should ever stay apart


Ok, here are the back issues I have for sale. In some instances (generally, issues 50-89) I have duplicate issues. Oddly, and to my surprise, my collection has a huge gaping space from issue 94 to issue 135, since I only have issue 106.

Also, some issues have 1-2 missing back pages/cover and a very few have no front cover.

So, I’m keeping all the issues since I started subscribing (158 on) and I’m selling all the earlier issues for $2.50 a pop, which is what Lee charges for back issues. You pay postage and, if you buy enough of them, I’ll give you some sort of a discount.

I also have some back issues of Lords of Chaos…the first 12, I think. Same price.

Oh, and I have 2 reprint copies of A&E #1.

And now, here’s the list. If you want to buy any of them, send me an email at doccross@aol.com

Issues: 1-4, 6,7,9,10,20-37,39,40,42,43,45-84,87-90,92,94,106,135-140,153-157

In a way, it pains me to sell these, but I can use the $$ and sometimes you just need to get rid of stuff you don’t use. Actually, I’m even considering selling some of the issues I’m keeping…but I need to think on it.

Now, it’s time to slow cook pork chops in wine and herbs, so My Sweet Angel has a tasty dinner awaiting her when she gets home from work.

Well…Butter My Ass And Call Me A Biscuit!

…butter, mind you, not margarine

The first time I heard that line, I cracked up.

For reasons I’m not fully aware of, even tho it was my idea, I got up today at 5:30 AM. That’s a full 90 minutes before I usually get up. I think my idea was to get my breakfast and other rituals out of the way early, so as to get out and accomplish great things. Well, my morning stuff is out of the way, save the finishing off of my tea (yerba mate) and a shower. As for the great things, well, we shall see.

One thing I must do is look into some minor moneymaking possibilities. Grace has been doing mystery shopping and a bit of merchandising (setting up displays in stores) and I’m fixing to give it a try. The pay is not great, but you do get paid, so it beats sitting around the house or filling out shitty job application #2,539.

In the garden, it’s “eat tomatoes every night” time, as the ripening process speeds up to a breakneck pace. Additionally, our freezer is now crying out in fear every time I go to put more zucchini into it. Cantaloupes, spaghetti squash and green beans are all doing fine, but my okra and my peppers are not performing as they should. The cucumber plant, alas, is infested with aphids and must be removed.

Winker is feeling better and has more energy. This is partly due to the ear flush and partly due to Grace giving her vitamins. She’s still sleeping alot (and Basset Hounds are champion snoozers to begin with), but that’s a good thing. With any luck, in a few days she will be her old spoiled and lovable self.

And now, I’m off to do great things. After a shower. And walking The Girls. And picking tomatoes.