The Bad Girls Always Tempt Me Into Sin

…thank goodness

Things I shall do today!

1: Sally forth with weedwhacker in hand to battle my weedy foes
2: Once said foes are beaten into submission, spray them with vinegar, thus administering a coup de grace.
3: Pick more zucchini, green beans, tomatos, cucumbers and spaghetti squash
4: Take The Girls on a walk to the park
5: Help My Sweet Little Coconut Cake With A Big Glass Of Milk Of Love in cleaning up the house
6: Work on the map for the Fall Fantasy series
7: Cook up a beef roast in wine, with roasted Yukon gold potatos, fresh veggies and banana pudding for dinner
8: Take Daisy on her nightly walkies. (last night, we did 2.2 miles in 50 minutes)


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