Bright Yellow Dragon Eyes

…dimly seen through the smoke

So, today I went forth, as I did yesterday and so many days these past 6 weeks, looking for a job. Specifically, looking for jobs at pizza joints, since I spent the last 15.75 years working at one.

The result: Nobody is hiring, most places are laying people off and at one place, the assistant manager told me that he expected that store to close in a month or so. And they are a pretty large West Coast chain.

It’s hard not to be discouraged. Fortunately, I’m too busy fighting off the wolves at my door to become discouraged. Also, I’m slowly going nuts being home all day, every day.

To make matters worse, Dark Doc keeps reminding me that there are always ways to make money. Which is true, but fuck him, I’m too old, too fat and too married with dogs to walk that walk again.

Tomorrow, I’ll spend the day housecleaning, gardening (the mass tomato “ripen off” is starting) and writing game stuff that might bring in a buck or two. More on that latter bit later.

Thursday and Friday, I’ll be back in the battle.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Speaking of gaming, which I was just a few lines up, I’ve reopened an old Live Journal of mine and am re-dedicating it to gaming only posts…especially those that are of a “toss out an idea and see what my Loyal Readers do with it” nature. The LJ name is shadowgm and there’s not much there right now, but it’s coming.

And now, I owe The Girls a bit of playtime in the park. More bloggage later.


3 comments on “Bright Yellow Dragon Eyes

  1. mythusmage says:

    May there be much wagging of tails and slobbering of faces.
    And may gainful employment soon come your way.

  2. sammywol says:

    Job hunting is the veritable pits. At least it might have the decency to be short-lived. Crossing fingers for you.
    Oh and Thank Fuck for age, weight, marriage and dogs!

  3. Shit, fingers crossed for gainful employment for the Doc soon. I don’t want to find out what depths Dark Doc might stoop to.

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