Chocolate Dogs, Ice Cream Cats, Cheescake Mice

…all just waiting for hungry humans

I had a dream last night, the subject being one of the 4-5 recurring dream plots I’ve had for most of my life: going somewhere in a motor vehicle.

The vehicle in question was a huge tour bus sized RV that had the TARDISlike quality of being much larger inside than out. Better still, I was traveling with not only Grace and The Girls, but with several of my gaming friends. I most vividly recall spikeyj and his sweetie of a wife (the latter was acting as my navigator, while Spike was engaged in using a computer terminal), iamnikchick (who was making a salad), freeport_pirate, robin_d_laws, smalley_smoot (who were giving a pretty hilarious commentary on some political speech on CNN) and the latter’s lovely wife, Holly, who was giving Winker a bellyrub.

There were a bunch of other folks there, too. I’m pretty sure I recall seeing Steve Jackson and doc_mystery in the crowd. The music in the background was a mix of everything from honky tonk to punk to J-pop.

And our ultimate destination? as almost always is the case in these sort of dreams, I have no idea. We were driving through some very scenic country tho. I’m thinking Montana, but hell, it could have been Germany or Middle Earth.

And then, I woke up at 2:45 AM to pee. When I fell back to sleep, I had a dream that I was milking a cow.

2 comments on “Chocolate Dogs, Ice Cream Cats, Cheescake Mice

  1. avylou says:

    So… I know you aren’t responsible for the content of your dreams, but hey! Where was I?

    • Doc Cross says:

      Grace was probably showing you around the upstairs area…or maybe the swimming pool in the basement. Or you could have been mingling with the 50-60 other guests. Like I said, the RV was TARDISlike.

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