Hell Night At The Clown Factory

…courtesy of Pennywise

Doc’s Day (so far)

1: Worked an hour in the garden
2: Laid in the sun for 80 minutes (the UV rays kick ass on my psoriasis)
3: Came in the house and collapsed (but no sunburn)
4: Ate lunch
5: Used vinegar & alcohol solution on poor Winker’s once again yeast infected ears, in hopes of avoiding another $125.00 vet bill
6: Started sorting thru my old Alarums & Excursions in preparation of selling most of them. Yes, doc_mystery, you’ll get your chance to buy some:)
7: Washed dishes
8: Got a call from the lab about my recent battery of blood tests. Everything (and believe me, my doctor had them test for everything) is ok, except for my prostrate gland output, which is no surprise and is why I recently started taking Doxazosin. Now, I can look forward to Dr. Brown giving me a complete physical soon, hopefully before she has her first baby next month. Oh, and I go see the urologist on the 5th. Shit, it sucks, this aging thing. Next lifetime, it’s the Peter Pan route for me.
9: Powering up for a massive sweep of restaurants tomorrow, in search of a job that I don’t want (restaurant work blows), but cannot afford to refuse.
10: Preparing to do some writing tonight.

More blogging later.

Bright Yellow Dragon Eyes

…dimly seen through the smoke

So, today I went forth, as I did yesterday and so many days these past 6 weeks, looking for a job. Specifically, looking for jobs at pizza joints, since I spent the last 15.75 years working at one.

The result: Nobody is hiring, most places are laying people off and at one place, the assistant manager told me that he expected that store to close in a month or so. And they are a pretty large West Coast chain.

It’s hard not to be discouraged. Fortunately, I’m too busy fighting off the wolves at my door to become discouraged. Also, I’m slowly going nuts being home all day, every day.

To make matters worse, Dark Doc keeps reminding me that there are always ways to make money. Which is true, but fuck him, I’m too old, too fat and too married with dogs to walk that walk again.

Tomorrow, I’ll spend the day housecleaning, gardening (the mass tomato “ripen off” is starting) and writing game stuff that might bring in a buck or two. More on that latter bit later.

Thursday and Friday, I’ll be back in the battle.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Speaking of gaming, which I was just a few lines up, I’ve reopened an old Live Journal of mine and am re-dedicating it to gaming only posts…especially those that are of a “toss out an idea and see what my Loyal Readers do with it” nature. The LJ name is shadowgm and there’s not much there right now, but it’s coming.

And now, I owe The Girls a bit of playtime in the park. More bloggage later.

How To Repair Your Transdimensional Gateway Generator For $5,000,000.00 Or Less

…3rd Edition

Grace and I went to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army today. We both liked it a whole bunch and thought it was even better than the first one. My only criticism: that fucking Barry Manilow song is stuck in my head!

BTW: I think that, once he finishes The Hobbit, Guillermo Del Toro should really do some sort of steampunk & sorcery movie. He has the right eye for it.

In the inevitable Other News this roast is smelling way to damned good.

The Adventure Of The Grubby Gardener

…as reported by John H. Watson, MD

Yesterday’s excursion in the garden was satisfying…if, by “satisfying” we mean exhausting, filthy, hot, sweaty and punctuated by neighbors taking their children indoors when I would cry out “Die, weeds! Die die die! Hahahahahahaha!”

All of which helps explain why we had breakfast sandwiches for dinner, rather than the roast I had planned. I was too tired for complex cookery. Said roast will get cooked today, after Grace and I return from seeing Hellboy II.

In other news, it is looking more and more like I will use some variation of either the Basic Role-Playing system or True20 for the Fall Fantasy game. I shall take a look at both over the next few days, altho, not being in a position to buy the new BRP book, I shall make due with the 1980’s version, along with CoC and Runequest.

Tomorrow, I’ll dive once again into the job search maelstrom. This time out, I’ll lower my standards and hopefully find some work to pay the bills until I find a better job or win the lottery, whichever comes first.

I had two very odd dreams last night. One was terribly frustrating and one was lots of fun.

The frustrating dream had myself and several other gamers getting ready to go to DunDraCon. We were going there in a large U-Haul truck being driven by a former gaming friend of mine who is a total asshole now. The truck was parked outside a large hotel and a block of rather rundown apartments. Everyone was in a hurry to leave, since the con was starting in an hour or so. Just before getting in the truck< I realized I had no extra clothes packed, so I ran into the hotel, which was strangely deserted.

After running around the hotel looking for a way out, I finally got to my apartment only to find that my clothes were all filthy, torn up or missing. Getting more panicked by the minute, I finally grabbed up a bunch of dirty clothes and ran back out to the street, only to find that my friends had left without me.

The much more pleasant dream featured me, Clint Eastwood and a couple of reporters doing an interview. We all chatted about a myriad of things while drinking beer and playing golf. (Note: I have never played golf in my life, but in the dream I was doing pretty well, especially in my short game) At one point, Clint and I got on a roll about how great California is, as befits two Native Sons. This seemed to piss off one of the reporters, who was from New York. Oh well, it serves him right for being from the wrong coast.

And now, I must drink my tea so as to jumpstart most of my internal organs. More blog-o-rama later.

The Bad Girls Always Tempt Me Into Sin

…thank goodness

Things I shall do today!

1: Sally forth with weedwhacker in hand to battle my weedy foes
2: Once said foes are beaten into submission, spray them with vinegar, thus administering a coup de grace.
3: Pick more zucchini, green beans, tomatos, cucumbers and spaghetti squash
4: Take The Girls on a walk to the park
5: Help My Sweet Little Coconut Cake With A Big Glass Of Milk Of Love in cleaning up the house
6: Work on the map for the Fall Fantasy series
7: Cook up a beef roast in wine, with roasted Yukon gold potatos, fresh veggies and banana pudding for dinner
8: Take Daisy on her nightly walkies. (last night, we did 2.2 miles in 50 minutes)

Who Watches The Winkerdog?

…besides her big sister

Some facts about me and why I’ll always be a less than perfect geek


1: Was never very impressed by Joss Whedon’s work
2: Haven’t paid money for a comic book since 1981
3: Haven’t read more than 1 or 2 graphic novels/comic books in the last 5 years
4: Bought exactly 6 d20 products…and 3 of those were the core books
5: Sold or gave away all those d20 products
6: Have never gotten more than a few pages into Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
7: Read almost no Sci-Fi or Fantasy anymore
8: Refused to whine about what was missing/included in the Lord of the Rings movies.
9: Thought most of Cloverfield was a waste of time.
10: Am pretty underwhelmed by most of the indie games I’ve seen.
11: Enjoy reading filksong lyrics, but actually hearing most folks sing them…no
12: Don’t play minis wargames (altho, I do like looking at the setups)
13: Think 99% of all recent horror films are utter shit
14: Only regularly watch about 25% of the sci-fi/fantasy shows that come on tv
15: No longer think original Star Trek was all that great
16: Never liked Red Dwarf
17: Still have not watched an episode of the new Battlestar Galactic
18: Probably will never buy another edition of D&D
19: Hate Hannah-Barbera cartoons
20: Want to slap the many geeks who think that the height of humor is endlessly quoting lines from Monty Pythons Flying Circus