Maiasaurus Mambo

…with eggs

Games submission opened up for Dundracon today, so I submitted my 20th annual TOON game. Last year, the gave me a seminar room to run the game in and it worked out great, so I requested another one this year. With twice the tablespace and room for an audience. I’ve listed the game as being for 10 players, but in point of fact I’ll allow at least 14. As always, if you go to Dundracon, drop by the game and play or watch or just say howdy.

Very relaxed and laid back Labor Day Sunday here at Casa Cross. Some might even say it was lazy, but they’re just workaholics or troublemakers. My Sweet Angel had the good fortune to pick up a mystery shopping assignment at a local eatery, so we had a breakfast for two at essentially less than half price (once you factor in the reimbursement she will get). Gotta love cheap eats.

After the hearty brekky, we came home and walked The Girls and did minor chores and mostly just goofed off. A most pleasant day. Tomorrow will be more of the same, plus we’ll watch Spider-Man 3.

And now, to bed for me.

How Many Times Does 1 Go Into 2? 5…Twice With The Blonde, Three Times With The Redhead

…not based upon any recent real life events

Well, My Gentle Readers, today was one of the more productive days of my unemployment (Soon To Begin It’s Fourth Smash Month!), since I pretty much evenly divided it between writing and grocery shopping. As always, there was plenty of dishwashing, dog walking, laundry doing, psoriasis fighting sunlight sitting and dinner cooking in between. Below, a list of stuff I did from the two primary categories.

1: Wrote 400 words on the Secret RPG Project that I will most likely not be able to send samples out to some of you until next week.

2: Put down rather copious notes about the world and characters in the Doc Tempest universe. My stack of reference books include GURPS Who’s Who 1&2, GURPS Timeline, GURPS Swashbucklers, Rand McNally Road Atlas, Map of San Francisco and a big pile of Castle Falkenstien books. On the interwebs side, I was all over Wikipedia and Google.

3: Went to SaveMart and bought a bunch of canned foods, milk and dry staples like pasta and stuff.

4: Finished the four main characters for the Fall Fantasy series. Will do two more (for the prospective new players) this weekend.

5: Hit the bakery thrift store and bought bread, a cake and strawberry preserves.

6: Wrote up 4 ideas for a TOON article for Pyramid, but I’m wondering if my heart is still in wrting Toon stuff.

7: Went to Smart & Final and bought large, yet modestly priced, amounts of meat, plus bigass sizes of everything from peanut butter to Chipotle Tabasco Sauce.

Not necessarily in that order.

Oh, and while laying out in the sun for 45 minutes around noon, I read more of Sidhe Devil, the sequel to Aaron Allston’s very enjoyable Doc Sidhe.

And now, to bed for me.

It’s All Fun And Games Until Your Cousin Turns Into A Weretiger And Goes On A Rampage

…man, did that birthday party suck

It’s supposed to hit 105 today and it’s gotta be 100 or better out right now. Normally, this would not stop me from doing yard work and other outside stuff (except for dog walking, because The Girls feel the heat and do their business as fast as possible so as to get back into the air conditioned house), but today, there is something in the air that is seriously fucking with my allergies. After maybe 10 minutes out (this morning, when it was barely 80) I had a motherfucker of a sinus headache that took a fistful of aspirin and an hour indoors to get rid of.

Stupid allergies!

In other news, starting Monday I’ll be applying for jobs I’d really rather not do, but am now too poor and overcome by cabin fever to turn down. Should I get one of them, expect me to turn into a miserable son of a bitch after about the first month. By the end of the second month, I’ll be stomping Tokyo into a smoldering ruin. After that, look for me with a gun on a high tower near you.

Ok, enough bitching. I’m off to surf the net for information on the high paying world of running ones own religion. Or maybe robbing from the rich and keeping it. Or selling ones soul…wait, did that one back in 1972. Shit.

A Day At The Pork Festival

…actually, it’s not festive if you’re a pig

Well, voting closed on the latest poll and it was a tie. As always, ties are broken by me, so I cast my vote for Episodes From My Wild & Misspent Youth. I may regret doing that, but telling true life adventures about myself is easier than coming up with a months worth of superhero/villain refits and I’m a lazy bugger.

So, starting on September first, I’ll post a different short tale every day. Some will be funny, some might be sad, some might upset delicate sensibilities and some will definitely contain adult content. You have been warned!

By the way, I consider My Wild & Misspent Youth to run from about age 6 until about age 40, with the primary wildness being found in the 13 to 35 age range. I reckon most of the stories will come from that part of my life

The 10 Things You Can Do With A Bag Full Of Snakes

…that’s a large bag, not a small one

Hey, you! Voting on This Poll closes at about 4:00 pm PST, so if you haven’t voted, do it now, please.

In writing news, I do believe I have recharged my dilithium crystals, since last night, I knocked out just shy of a thousand words of an RPG setting. Add that to this mornings 450 words of a TOON piece that I’m gonna submit to Pyramid and I’m feeling pretty much the writer. The in debt, unemployed, gotta earn some fucking money kind of writer.

Speaking of the above RPG setting, three points…

1: This will be pure setting. No rules whatsoever. (well, no rules written by me. if a game company wanted to buy it and add their rules, I wouldn’t bitch…but I wouldn’t do the rules addition, either)

2: Some of you gaming folk on my Friends List will get a peek at this setting. I’ve already made up my list, so don’t go begging:) With luck, I’ll email you something later this week. Naturally, you will be sworn to secrecy, lest I come find you and unleash Hell upon you.

3: I am intrigued by Wofgang Baur’s Open Design project, which won the coveted Diana Jones Award at this past GenCon. The idea of patron’s paying for a writing project and having some control over the finished product seems to be a winner. I would modify the concept somewhat if I were doing it. I’d choose the basic idea and write the bulk in advance, then let the patrons suggest changes/additions before the final polish is applied. Patrons would get the finished product, plus additional bonus material that was exclusively for them. Later…say 6 months to a year…I would float the product to any interested game company, possibly in a slightly different form. Or self publish it, should I lose my mind:)

Hmmm…come to think of it, I could apply the patron concept to pure fiction, too, so that if enough folks paid for, say, a Doc Tempest adventure, I’d write it.

Sweet Dog above, I’m beginning to sound all writery and shit. Urk!

More on all this later, after walking dogs to the park, buying groceries and, yes, writing.

Robotic Pirates From The Earth’s Core

…Pellucidarian plunderers

So, tonight, I go to turn on the oven to cook a roast and there’s a flash of light, a loud BZZZZZTTTT! sound and lotsa smoke. After a moment’s surprise, I turned it off. so much for oven cookery in the Cross household for…well, until I get a job and mounting bills are paid off. Oh well, I’ve got my trusty Weber grill, so if need be, I can slow cook stuff on it.

I only walked a couple of miles today, but I also worked an hour in the garden, so I figure that was worth 2-3 miles, if sweat is any indication.

I’m gonna be up late tonight writing. I have about 4 projects to work on, so I reckon I’ll do pieces of them all. But first, I need a big mug of cocoa/tea.

More blog-o-rama later.