Caring For Your New Pet Yak

…a must for yak lovers

Con Report: DogCon Day Zero

Before I launch into the (pre) con report on our day so far, let’s recap the trip to get here.

Saturday, August 9, 2:00 AM: Car has been packed up since 7:00 PM Thursday. Loaded sleepy wife and sleepy dogs into car. Myself, I’m wide awake thanks to 7 hours of sleep and a mug of tea so strong it was green and wearing purple pants. We hit the road. Next stop, Reno, Nevada.

Saturday, 10:00 AM: Stop several miles outside of Las Vegas to see the World’s Longest Garden Hose (13.25 miles long!). Grace buys garden hose fridge magnet, I buy a t-shirt, Daisy woofs at a coyote in the distance, Winker pees on one of the 428 garden gnomes.

Saturday, 4 PM: We stop for the day in Grimly, Arizona. Apparently, we are just in time for their annual Potato Throwing Days celebration, as I get clocked upside the head by a warm baked tater as I an entering the motel lobby.

Sunday, August 10, 3:00 AM: We leave Grimly, carefully negotiating the streets, which are slippery with potato products. Today will be a marathon drive, taking us the rest of the way across Arizona, all the way across New Mexico and into Texas.

Sunday, 11:00 AM: Lost a bit of time due to stopping at the Gila Monster World roadside attraction. No dogs allowed inside, so The Girls stayed out front in the air conditioned lobby and played Canines & Castles on my laptop.

Sunday, 5:00 PM: We are in Texas! Staying at the Bedbug Motel in the thriving metropolis of Snakebite, Texas (population 200). Ate some great steaks for dinner. Time for bed now.

Monday, 7:00 AM: We overslept! Much panicky running about as we pack up and head out of town.

Monday, 2:00 PM: We are stopping for the day at my great aunt Pearl’s home on her cattle ranch. Altho she calls the ranch “a little retirement spread”, it took 35 minutes to reach her house from the front gate. Gotta admit, the house is impressive. Grace was a bit boggled by having to use a golf cart to get from our bedroom to the living room, but I think it sure beats 15 minutes of walking.

Monday, 9:00 PM: Full of chicken fried steak, gravy, biscuits, okra and pie. Also, several shots of bourbon and at least 3 bottles of Lone Star Beer. Sleep now.

Tuesday, 10:00 AM: Leave great aunt Pearl’s place. Next stop, Wilted Springs, Texas, site of DogCon 1.

Tuesday, 1:00 PM: Another delay because Grace wanted to stop at a gift shop just off the freeway. She ended up buying 139 fridge magnets, we all got t-shirts, I got 9 new bandanas and The Girls each got Texas shaped rawhide chew toys.

Tuesday, 3:00 PM: We are here! Man, oh man, Wilted Springs is some kinda big money Texas resort town. The convention center is huge and it connects to all 5 of the con hotels. We register at the hotel, then meet up with our dogsitter, Sharon, who flew down here this morning. She has a room next to ours and has promised The Girls that they can go to the Houndland Amusement Park tomorrow. And now, Grace and I are off to pick up our badges.

More fictional con reportage later.


One comment on “Caring For Your New Pet Yak

  1. nvdaydreamer says:

    8 hours to get from Sacto to Near LV via Reno? Remind me to never get in your way…

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