Mr. Porkwaffle Goes To A Luncheon

…and hilarity ensues

Con Report: DogCon 1, Day Zero

A Bit Of Clarification: DogCon is not for dogs, altho there are many here in town. No, Dog Con takes it’s name from the fact that Wilted Springs, Texas, bills itself as “The dog and cat resort center of the universe”. And they ain’t lyin’! This town has 32 hotels and motels, every one pet friendly. There are five dog and/or cat amusement parks! All restaurants have dog & cat menus as well as people menus and there are more pet spas than you can shake a catnip mouse at.

And the next time a Texan tells me that we Californians are goofy, I’m gonna kick their ass.

Anyway, when this con was but a mere gleam in the eye of three rich gamers, they wanted to call it Dog & Cat Con, but decided that was too long and sounded too much like a pet event, so they flipped a coin and dogs won the right to have a con named after them…this year. Next year, the con will be called CatCon 2, which should nicely fuck with lots of folks minds.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled pre-con report.

So, right about 3:30, My Sweet Angel and I bade The Girls and Sharon goodbye and went to pick up our badges and stuff. My line (for GM’s) was very short and they gave me a hell of a goodie bag. Grace, who entered her line just ahead of my old pal Spike Y Jones and his lovely wife, Mary (their daughter, Miranda was in the Kids line), took less than 10 minutes to get her badge and bag.

And what a goodie bag they are handing out! Cool “DogCon 1” d6’s, a special edition “Dork Tower” comic, a new, non collectible card game called “Weenies From Outer Space”, coupons for several places in the dealers room, three plastic minis, and a bunch of flyers. Oh, and the con book, which doubles as a parody of “Playboy”, complete with a centerfold of a very fine looking Irish Setter.

The GM’s bag had all of the above, plus a spiffy looking t-shirt and a voucher for two free drinks at a local watering hole. Sweet!

As we and the Joneses stood there looking through our goodie bags and catching up with one another, we were passed/joined by…doc_mystery and his lovely wife, mrs_dm and cute as a button daughter…muskrat_john and his lovely and talented wife, Judith…the sweet and funnydelazan (but not her husbandnotoriousbkc who was off somewhere discussing Brett Favre with another con attendee)…The Big Kahuna Guest of Honor himself, Steve Jackson…and most of my secondary gaming group from back home in Sacramento (patricks, weaktwos, rpmiller and cmjenn.

By the time all the yakking was over, it was nigh onto 5:00 PM and tummies were rumbling, so we headed back to our hotel room at the Hyatt, changed our clothes and collected Sharon & The Girls to go to dinner with the Joneses and the Mysteries at a local barbecue joint. It was great chow and Doc M’s Girl-O pretty much fell in love with Daisy and Winker, who, besides eating their own plates of food polished off at least 3 rib bones each. Once dinner was over, the womenfolk, children and dogs waddled off to various hotel rooms while Spike, Doc M and I waddled off to visit the Open Gaming room and get our geek on.

Considering it was the night before the con, I’d reckon there were upwards of 500 people in Open Gaming, playing everything from RPGs to card games to minis. The room could have easily held another 500 (did I mention that this convention center is hugmongous?). We wound our way thru the tables, stopping to chat at about every third table. As you can imagine, in no time, it was midnight. Bidding my compadres good night, I headed back to the hotel, because I have to GM a 8:00 AM TOON game. And yet, I went online to write this. Obviously, I’ve lost my mind. I wonder if anyone will notice?

More constuff later.


One comment on “Mr. Porkwaffle Goes To A Luncheon

  1. doc_mystery says:

    The Girl-O had a lot of fun meeting your dogs at the restaurant after DogCon. They were the only thing (other than the fellows in the giant Mario and Luigi costumes) that dragged her away from the Pokemon cards she got earlier in the day. She kept talking about Daisy and Winker until very late in our hotel room (when she should have been sleeping!).

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