They Took The “A” Train, But Never Gave It Back

…apologies to Duke Ellington

Dog Con 1, Day 2

Another one by the numbers, kids. And to think that the day is only half over:)

1. At 9:00 this morning, after a hearty breakfast, Grace, The Girls and I went to a day spa for people and their pets. It was my first time at a spa and Hot Damn!, was it a relaxing and invigorating experience. Who’da thunk that a half hour submerged up to yer neck in hot mud would feel so good? (note: The Girls did not get the mudbath. Instead, they got regular baths and and doggie pedicures.) Next came massages for all 4 of us (Daisy and I stayed awake, but Grace and Winker both fell asleep halfway through) and then delicious smoothies. Grace had peach, I had pineapple and The Girls had liver. Finally, there was hair washing, cutting (trimming in my case, as Grace forbids my hair to be short), styling and pedicures for us and new collars and leashes for The Girls. I emerged a new man, minus the former man’s killer hangover.

2. I met Spike at noon for lunch and had one of the 10 greatest hamburgers of my life. Afterwards, we strolled around the con, peeking into everything from the Movie Room (showing “Spider-Man”) to the Boardgame Hall (which had, I’m told, 200 individual games going on) to the Art Show to the Computer Gaming Showcase (I wants me a hugeass plasma monitor). Open Gaming was packed, the minis room was maybe halfway full, the card game room was full and there were at least 4 LARPS going on. Busy con, yes indeed. I’m told they had 5,000 prereg attendees and expect maybe 3,000 walk ins. Not too shabby for year 1.

3. At 3:00, I parted company with Spike and went off to GM yet another game, my famous TOON/Over The Edge crossover Who Took Tiffany Trilobite?. We are on a short break from the game just now and so far, the game is going well, despite the PC’s making at least one error that may come back to kill them. Insert fiendish GM cackle here.

And now, I must get back to this game, then haul ass to dinner and then go play assorted games with other geeks.