Doc Tempest VS The Killer In Yellow

…from the July, 1956 issue

Just to prove that I’m still insane, I walked 5.1 miles today in a mere 98 minutes…in 96 degree heat. I was pretty well wiped out when I got home, but I’ve bounced back pretty well. Mind you, those miles were walked without Daisy, whom I walked another 1.5 miles with later. My goal is 5-6 miles every day, tho I may walk in the morning and after sundown.

In other news: If you have not voted on the latest Doc Poll (AKA Uncle Doc Gets Creative), then by all means search back about 4-5 posts and vote!

Still no job love for Your Humble Narrator. I’m seriously considering just saying “Fuck it” and becoming an Evil Mastermind. Anybody want a job as a Henchman, Minion or Number Two? I’ll also look at applications for Fanatical Followers, Homicidal Cultists, Femme Fatales and Ninja Assassins. Pay negotiable.

I’m outta here. More bloggage tomorrow.


2 comments on “Doc Tempest VS The Killer In Yellow

  1. mythusmage says:

    It’s the age, and the economy. As things are now they want someone who’s younger and with less expectation. There’s really only one field you can get into at your advanced degree of decrepitude, writing. Tons of on-line magazines looking for good material, and the print zines are open to new faces.
    You’ve got the chops for it. You’ve got the material for it, if you add some narrative to those titles and sub-titles you keep coming up with. Heck, writing up a few Doc Tempest stories should give you some tales to send around.
    Always remember what Bob Heinlein always said, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then give up. No sense in making an ass out of yourself.”
    Oh, and be sure to blog your first story sale.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I prefere wild and misspent youth…. Have not voted because I do not want to make an account. As for a job, I agree, you SHOULD look into some online writing or some such thing. We ALL know you can spin a tale, probably a tail too. LOL Good Luck!!!!

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