Robotic Pirates From The Earth’s Core

…Pellucidarian plunderers

So, tonight, I go to turn on the oven to cook a roast and there’s a flash of light, a loud BZZZZZTTTT! sound and lotsa smoke. After a moment’s surprise, I turned it off. so much for oven cookery in the Cross household for…well, until I get a job and mounting bills are paid off. Oh well, I’ve got my trusty Weber grill, so if need be, I can slow cook stuff on it.

I only walked a couple of miles today, but I also worked an hour in the garden, so I figure that was worth 2-3 miles, if sweat is any indication.

I’m gonna be up late tonight writing. I have about 4 projects to work on, so I reckon I’ll do pieces of them all. But first, I need a big mug of cocoa/tea.

More blog-o-rama later.

5 comments on “Robotic Pirates From The Earth’s Core

  1. cocoa/tea
    So, is cocoa and tea a good mix?

  2. doc_mystery says:

    Here’s hoping your stove can get fixed soon. You’ll be getting hungry otherwise…

    • Doc Cross says:

      it was just the oven, which is a seperate unit from the stovetop. And I reckon it will be sometime in 2009 before we can afford a new oven.

      • doc_mystery says:

        Well, that just sucks. How about a cheapie toaster oven?
        And weren’t you gonna sell me some back issues of A&E once you figured out the postage?

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