Doc Tempest VS The Killer In Yellow

…from the July, 1956 issue

Just to prove that I’m still insane, I walked 5.1 miles today in a mere 98 minutes…in 96 degree heat. I was pretty well wiped out when I got home, but I’ve bounced back pretty well. Mind you, those miles were walked without Daisy, whom I walked another 1.5 miles with later. My goal is 5-6 miles every day, tho I may walk in the morning and after sundown.

In other news: If you have not voted on the latest Doc Poll (AKA Uncle Doc Gets Creative), then by all means search back about 4-5 posts and vote!

Still no job love for Your Humble Narrator. I’m seriously considering just saying “Fuck it” and becoming an Evil Mastermind. Anybody want a job as a Henchman, Minion or Number Two? I’ll also look at applications for Fanatical Followers, Homicidal Cultists, Femme Fatales and Ninja Assassins. Pay negotiable.

I’m outta here. More bloggage tomorrow.


The League Of Extraordinary Middle Aged Gamers

…they’ll save the world

gaming Update

My gaming group has taken August off, so as to allow me to get the Fall Fantasy series ready for it’s debut in early September. So far, things go well. I have enough of the area around the PC’s homeland mapped out for a start. I’m halfway through doing up character sheets for my 4 players, but still need to call Sam to see about adding two of her friends to the group. I’m using a very slightly mutated version of Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying rules and my tinkering with them is done.

It’s going to be interesting seeing how the players deal with a world similar to, but vastly different than, the typical fantasy world. Let’s recap some of the differences.

1: Magic is very new to the world. Spells are not very powerful, nor are there many to choose from. Each spell has it’s own skill roll, so Sam’s mage may cast one at 55%, but another at only 20%. Additionally, some areas of the world have different levels of mana, so spells may be easier or harder to cast.

2: No magic items/weapons/potions. Simply put, magic hasn’t been around long enough to allow for the creation of such things.

3: Both magical creatures and non-human races are, in most cases, still evolving. There are a few magical creatures and maybe 6-8 nonhuman races, but most do not yet look terribly different from the animals/humans they are diverging from.

4: No vast dungeon complexes…yet. There are some pretty extensive ruins scattered about the world that could hold treasure and a dungeon ecology, but nobody has found them yet and their ecologies are just forming.

5: Most countries are small and very far apart. No riding across a dozen kingdoms on the way to the one you are seeking. Wilderness rules, baby.

6: Nobody is sure if there are gods, or if there are, what they are up to. Hence, any churches are either Unitarian sort of setups or as just worshiping one of the pre-magic gods and crossing their fingers for luck.

7: The PCs will be starting off with more education and experience than most characters do in my fantasy games. Additionally, they all have jobs and a pretty good amount of money in the bank.

So that’s it. The first game session will probably happen on the first Sunday in September. I’ll keep y’all posted on how things go.

The Natural History Of The Mousebird

…with many color photographs

Please vote in the Uncle Doc Gets Creative poll

I’m kind of amazed that “End of Civilization” or “My Wild & Misspent Youth” aren’t doing better. I guess I forgot that “Superheroes & Supervillains” would draw geeks like a moth to a flame:)

Oh, by the way, superhero voters, there won’t be too many heroes created after the early-mid 70’s putting in an appearance, since I pretty much stopped reading comics about 1976. However, many of the classic heroes & villains will get multiple treatments over the course of the month.

And should the saga of my Wild & Misspent Youth win out, I will of course be changing names and locations in many of the stories:)

If the Doc Tempest choice wins, nothing will get changed unless I get a threatening letter from either Tempest Industries or Alcatraz Publishing.

Mexican Jenny Meets The King Of San Diego

…she must have liked him, cos she titty flashed him


1: Dear Senator McCain,
Recently, one of your rightwing nutcase bloggers spoke disparagingly about Dungeons & Dragons and, by extension, all roleplaying gamers. I do not hold you personally responsible for this, since I’m pretty sure you consider it a good day when you can remember how to wipe your own ass. Still, if you could have the young fellow show up at some gaming convention soon, my tribe and myself will gladly shove a large sack of polyhedral dice up his ass.


Doc Cross, Liberal Democrat Gamer

PS: A few hints on your campaign ads…

1: Stop pimping your POW status. the young folks don’t care and the armed forces members (and most of the rest of us) are sick of it.

2: Most Republicans hate you. No, really, your name might as well be Clinton.

3: On ther ads where you or your smear doctors mention Mr. Obama, why not just cut to the chase and say “Pleeeeaaase vote for me, because Barack Obama is a NEGRO!”

4: Never, ever try to be funny again. It makes everyone but you very uncomfortable.

5: Depends are on sale at Target. Just sayin’.

Radioactive Fish Products

…that’s some dangerous sushi

So, I’ve been thinking that I want to do one of my creative writing exercises during the month of September. Something I must do every day of the month, sorta like I had planned for the 365 Days, 365 Characters thing back in 2006. Not that thinking up a new Subject Line every day or so isn’t a creative exercise, but I’m thinking a bit longer form.

A couple of ideas have been ricocheting around my little grey cells, but I think, just to spread the fun around, I shall toss the choices out to you, My Faithful Readers, as to what I should do every day of September (or, until I fuck up and miss a day).

Here then, the choices, presented in the popular poll format.

I confess to awaiting your votes with a mixture of anticipation and terror. I shall announce the winning choice next Monday.

X Marks The Spot, Y Marks The Rover, Z Marks The Fido

…if a dog bites me for that, I deserve it

Well, kids, all goes well here at the old homestead. Of course, even tho Grace and I (and The Girls) just finished our dinner, our imaginary duplicates are spending the night in Tucumcari, New Mexico on their drive back from DogCon. We expect them home by Thursday night, unless they stop off in Las Vegas.

On the possible job front, I am in Waiting To Hear From Someone mode. I expect I’ll be like this until at least Friday.

On the health front…we are healthy. Well, I mean, as healthy as can be expected. Beats the shit outta being dead.

Gardenwise, this is the time of year when many plants have produced their fruit and are dying in the heat. I salute them and thank them, then pull them up and put ’em in Compost Pile U-21/A, code name Sassy Armadillo.

Gamingwise, August is a dead month, since I’m gearing up for the Fall Fantasy series. I did get a call from Samantha, who told me she has two friends who would like to join our group. That would give me 6 players, unless Grace bows out due to her homework situation this semester. Still, five players would be fine…especially since two of them would be newbies.

Hmmm…it would appear that my eldest Canine American Princess is in dire need of her evening multi mile walk, so I’m outta here. More bloggage later.