Aardvark-Man, Archenemy Of Evil

…with his sidekick, Hyrax Boy

Slice ‘O Life Stuff: Still unemployed, but I’m tending my across the street neighbors 3 sweet doggies for a week while she and her hubby are gone. Pay should be good.

Got two new tires on the car, plus rotating and getting an old tire mounted as my spare. $182.00, which we could ill afford, but then, a blown tire would have been much worse. Next week: Tune up time!

And now…MEME TIME!

The Answers Only Mystery Meme
ganked from delazan who put me at #9

1. iamnikchick
2. megdeon (since infancy) (hers, that is)
3. robin_d_laws
4. delazan
5. spikeyj (“seems like”?)
6. princeofcairo
7. xomec
8. jbru
9. muskrat_john
10. sammywol
11. I drew a blank on this one
12. _lythande
13. jimbutcher
14. peacespear
15. No answer
16. smalley_smoot
17. unclelumpy
18. kajafoglio
19. avylou
20. doc_mystery
21. No answer
22. No answer
23. _lythande (sometimes)
24. shadowgm
25. boundfate
26. too numerous to count
27. most of us
28. freeport_pirate (as a pirate)
29. all of the females on my friends list
30. Y’all are just a hell of an interesting and diverse bunch of folks!

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  1. unclelumpy says:

    Somehow I expect question #17 to involve the word “obnoxious”.

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