The First Church Of The Winkerdog

…featuring hot dog flavored communion wafers and holy gravy

Game Session Report

On Sunday, we gathered round ye olde gaming table and played the second session of 200 Years After and things went well. Below, a few of the high points.

1: All 5 of the PCs went down the tunnel that was found in the Crazy Old Man’s underground hideout.

2: Said tunnel was a manmade affair carved out of/built into natural caverns. It eventually (after about 15-18 miles) lead to a huge (10 miles X 8 Miles) cavern lit by sunlight coming thru a bunch of huge crystals in the ceiling.

3: The bowl shaped cavern had forests, rivers, lakes and human villages.

4: The party returned to the surface to get more supplies and finds that the Crazy Old Man has escaped from where they left him.

5: The party splits up! The Adventurer and the Scholar set out to find (A) the crystal formation above the huge cavern (B) the spot where an underground river emerges from the cavern, in case the others need to escape via that route.

6: The Crazy Old Man seals the entrance to the tunnel just after the Mage, the Gnome Engineer and the Sailor enter it. They proceed to the cavern and then hide in the woods near the largest town, so as to observe the people who live there.

7: The Adventurer and Scholar find the surface end of the crystals, since they cover the top of a nearby mountain top.

8: The underground PCs…
Decide to sneak into town after dark, minus the Sailor, who at 6’2″ tall is WAY too tall to pass for native.
Manage to sneak into the palace during a nighttime event in which a light appears in the sky (caused by the Adventurer and Scholar building their campfire in a small cave amidst the crystals on the surface)
Do some looting of the palace library and a princesses jewelry box
The Sailor, while hiding in a cornfield) meets a Gnome Explorer who has been in this underground world for 3 years, hiding and studying the inhabitants
Sucessfully escape from the palace in a damned close run bit of scurrying and hiding
Find out that these undergrounders are a remnant of the Old Empire who capture abovegrounders for breeding purposes
Decide to haul ass out of this place after the go to a forest hiding spot near the Breeding Compound.
The Mage said she would not try to free the breeder slaves, but no one believes her
Start building a boat to ride down the underground river

9: Meanwhile, the aboveground PCs…
Encounter small “crystal crabs” that emerge at night and go downhill to eat plants
Both have the exact same dream of a ghostly young hottie babe asking them to bring their friends to her village, which seems to be far to the south
Depart in search of the river’s emergence point, and find it.
Start building a boat they can use to rescue their friends once they emerge from the 75′ waterfall shooting out the side of a mountain
Encounter a very friendly 7’2″ tall hunter/explorer named Bord. He tells them much of where he lives (to the south/southwest) and helps them finish their boat.

We ended with the aboveground PCs sitting down to wait for their friends and the underground PCs nearly finished with their dugout canoe. And with the Mage still eyeing that Breeding Compound.

All told, a fine and fun session.

About this series

My overall plans for this gaming world will see each year covering a period of time 200 years after the previous chapter. Thus, next year we’ll be playing 400 Years After, with different PCs in a world with more refined magic, many more monsters/magical creatures, more civilizations, more sentient races and a much different politacal map layout. If we keep playing for, oh, 15 years, we will eventually come to the fading away of magic in the world and the start of a whole new type of civilization. I doubt we’ll play for 15 years, so I might increase the time spread of chapters to 500 years. We shall see

Now, off to wash dishes, laundry & dogs before I get out in the garden.

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