Blue Goats

…but not clinically depressed goats


1: So, walking meltdown John McCain decided to “suspend” his presidential campaign to rush back to Washington and help stave off our imminent economic collapse. That is, if by “rush” you mean stay in New York long enough to do an interview with Katie Couric and then appear at the Clinton Initiative thing today. Come on, McBush, just fucking admit that you are A: afraid to debate Mr. Obama B: REALLY afraid to have that skank Palin debate Joe Biden C: unable to do two things at once D: melting down.

2: I got the October issue of Alarums & Excursions yesterday and it is issue #397. That means the January issue will be #400. I really need to get a zine into that one.

3: I’ve been watching the new series Fringe and I’m finding it rather boring. It’s like X-Files with a more coherent (and more predictable) conspiracy, much less interesting protagonists (except the crazy scientist dude, who is a hoot) and no cool mutants/supernatural shit. Maybe I’d like it better if I worshipped at the Church of J.J. Abrams, but I don’t. I may or may not watch any more episodes.

4: The bigass 2 hour premiere of Heroes was good, but seemed in many ways like a retread of season 1. I mean, saving the world from destruction is all well and good, but how about just having a good old superhero vs supervillain slugfest for a few episodes? And the time travel thing? Officially over done. Oh, and how about having just one person, good or evil, die and FUCKING STAY DEAD? I will watch this season all the way thru, but unless things get really interesting and fresh, I may nor return for season 4.


One comment on “Blue Goats

  1. em_gumby says:

    re: #1 – I think this is a “Hail Mary” pass by McCain. He’s been bleeding voters over the last couple of weeks, and that has to stop. This might work, and it might not. It’s beginning to look like “not” though we will have to see how things go in the Senate. Given the current administration’s penchant for politicizing everything. I wouldn’t be surprised to see foot-dragging now just to justify McCain’s decision. I agree that one potential benefit to McCain might be to keep Palin out of the spotlight for a little while longer, which they have been working hard to do these last few weeks. Given how his attempt to postpone the Presidential debate seems to be falling flat, however, I don’t think he has much chance of keeping Palin away from Biden.
    re: #3 – I haven’t found “Fringe” to be particularly exciting either. The crazy scientist dude is a bit of a hoot, but that schtick is going to be extremely old by the end of the season, and if that and figuring out that the cryptic symbols flashed at every commercial break mean are the best the season has to offer, I don’t think the series will fly. I find the acting lackluster at best.
    Last night we started watching “ReGenesis” on Hulu. I found it to be about like “Fringe” but with somewhat better science. Once again, though, I didn’t find any of the characters to be particularly compelling.
    re: 4 – I haven’t seen the premier yet (we’ll probably watch it tonight) but bringing people back from the dead on ridiculous pretext is one of those staples of the superhero genre that just had to be part of “Heroes”. Without giving spoilers to those who haven’t caught up on last season yet, I admit that I found the resurrection of one of the characters pretty lame, but accepted it primarily because of the implications that it had of how another character could be used – or exploited – in the future.
    And frankly, if it means that DL comes back, I am pretty willing to accept a lot. His death was a) one of the big disappointments of season 2, and b) lame.
    Regarding the time traveling, my favorite time travel so far has been in “Five Years Gone” of season one. Matt Parkman as the telepathic head of Homeland Security was awesome.

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