Captain Redbeard Versus The Army Of Neat & Tidy Robots

…a thrilling tale of action, adventure and good hygiene

Ok, so I’ve got another Poll Based RPG Experiment in my head. This time, it’s all about populating a village. So anyway, here goes…(it should be pretty self explanatory, at least in this early part)

2 comments on “Captain Redbeard Versus The Army Of Neat & Tidy Robots

  1. sammywol says:

    And it was going so well until the life’s ambitions section. I don’t really think my sexy cheesemaker has much interest in being an inventor but she does have a sneaky soft spot for efficiency. However there was ticky box for ‘wants to live and grow as free and as strong as an oak tree until she is the proud matriarch of three generations of strong minded women’.

  2. bobmungovan says:

    Wow. 8/12 making food or drink. 9 if you count the herbalist.
    Quite the gluttonous village, apparently.

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