A Last Long Kiss Before Fading Away

…she did the fade, he stayed behind

Five Lives Meme (ganked from em_gumby)

If you had five other lives to lead, what would you do in each of them?

1: Naturalist/zoologist
2: Professional thief (jewels and cash, most likely)
3: Farmer with an organic sustainable farm
4: Masked vigilante in the Shadow/Spider mold
5: Father

Today was a lower key day than I expected it to be. Grace stayed home to get some much needed sleep and to put in extra lab time at school. I mostly just amused dogs and did household stuff.

More blogging in a couple of hours, after dinner and stuff.


Pie For The Children

…schnozzberry pie

Today was a busy day for your old Uncle Doc, kiddies. Let’s look at the list…

1: Tended to my two Canine American Princesses
2: Tended to my neighbors three amped up terriers
3: Gave a blood sample that my Urologist ordered
4: Went to fill out a job application
5: Went to fill out another job app and had a chatty interview with the manager
6: Did a mystery shop
7: Picked up a prescription
8: Rewrote part of something RPG oriented I’m writing so as to put it into the first person. In fact, I’m thinking most of it will be written that way.
9: Cooked dinner

Tomorrow: More fun with dogs and mystery shopping.

Aardvark-Man, Archenemy Of Evil

…with his sidekick, Hyrax Boy

Slice ‘O Life Stuff: Still unemployed, but I’m tending my across the street neighbors 3 sweet doggies for a week while she and her hubby are gone. Pay should be good.

Got two new tires on the car, plus rotating and getting an old tire mounted as my spare. $182.00, which we could ill afford, but then, a blown tire would have been much worse. Next week: Tune up time!

And now…MEME TIME!

The Answers Only Mystery Meme
ganked from delazan who put me at #9

1. iamnikchick
2. megdeon (since infancy) (hers, that is)
3. robin_d_laws
4. delazan
5. spikeyj (“seems like”?)
6. princeofcairo
7. xomec
8. jbru
9. muskrat_john
10. sammywol
11. I drew a blank on this one
12. _lythande
13. jimbutcher
14. peacespear
15. No answer
16. smalley_smoot
17. unclelumpy
18. kajafoglio
19. avylou
20. doc_mystery
21. No answer
22. No answer
23. _lythande (sometimes)
24. shadowgm
25. boundfate
26. too numerous to count
27. most of us
28. freeport_pirate (as a pirate)
29. all of the females on my friends list
30. Y’all are just a hell of an interesting and diverse bunch of folks!

The Cupcake Elves Want To Rule The World

…hey, at least they offer great cupcakes

Description of my Dundracon Toon game proposal, as seen on the website

20th Anniversary TOON Bash

Twenty years of running TOON games at Dundracon? You betcha! If you’ve ever played in one of my games, come play or just say hi. If you’ve ever WANTED to play, come on by and try your luck. If you just want to watch, that’s ok too.
Note: This game session may or may not include cream pies, Nazi Hegehogs, frying pans, explosives, the Kreep Family, Superduperbowl style football, Clarice the Cow and her imaginary friend Mr. Eyeball, the Army of Neat & Tidy Robots, Foogle Birds, clams with guns, monsters of all sorts, CarToon Wars autodueling, Great Catchoolu, one or more members of the Schwemp Family, Robot DeNiro, swineosaurs, aliens, huge balls of goo, the Black Hole Model 3000 Shop Vac, fire, donuts, Altoon Brownie and other Foodie Network stars, firearms of all sorts, Squidzilla, bears, fluffy bunnies, Uncle Spud, sticky stuff, dungeons, moose, The Toonimator, toon fu, grease, giant aunts, mummies, daddies, the insidious Doctor FuFu Manchew, carnivorous plants, carnivorous pants, dangerously insane penguins, wet cement, Small Round Paisley Things That Go Poing, gazebos, Duck Cross, portable holes, giant battle meks, Steve Jackalope, fish, bad French accents and mud.

The 34 Things You Should Never Put On Your Butt

…#12 is molten lava

Well, my little woodland friends, the fates were decidedly against Uncle Doc doing any gardening today. No sooner had I finished my morning tea than my gastrointestinal system demanded that I spend some quality time with the bathroom. Several times. Until about noon.

After that, I had other chores to do, so my assault on the garden will have to wait until tomorrow…or maybe Saturday.

In gaming related news, I’m thinking of doing a seminar at Dundracon about deconstructing the typical fantasy RPG world. It could prove to be a bunch of fun.

In cooking news, my pork colorado tacos tonight were very good, despite my having to ratchet the spiciness level down to allow for My Sweet Angel’s sensitive tummy.

In cute hound dog news, my dogs are indeed cute and hounds.

And I’m outta here for tonight.