Thrilling Garden Adventures!

…none of which are mentioned in this entry

It was rainy and cool last night…very overcast and not quite so cool most of the day…and now it’s overcast, warm and windy. Thus comes late fall/early winter to the Big Tomato.

Took Daisy to the vet today. Forked over $210.00 for blood tests & antibiotics. Test results will be in tomorrow. The poor girl is feeling a bit better, but is still a sick pooch. We could ill afford the $210.00 hit, but in choosing paying bills over My Girls, the bills always lose.

No Halloween shit going on here tonight. No money for candy and, besides, I’m a balls out or nothing kinda Halloween person. I did make a very nice large sign for out front that says “Sorry kids, but no candy this year.”

Grace just called to say they had a big party at work with lotsa yummies, so she’s bringing me home cookies and cake and what she called “a chocolate CHOCOLATE pudding”. I told her she was the best wife in the universe and if she every gets cloned, I’ll marry the clone, too.

And now, I’m off to give my sick hound a pill.

Driving A Stake Through The Heart Of Reaganomics

…and with luck, Mr. Obama will be swinging the mallet

I’m posting this because I hate the lying out of state religious right scumbags (and that means YOU Mormon Church) that put Proposition 8 on the ballot here in California. Discrimination is discrimination, you god damned Republican motherfuckers!

“Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you’re in a non-same-sex marriage, and you don’t want it “protected” by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.”

Apocalypse Cow

…I love the smell of milk in the morning.

Our girl Daisy is still sick, so I’ve set up a vet appointment for Friday morning. Couldn’t do it sooner…no money in the bank. I hope she doesn’t get worse in the next day and a half.

So, no David Tennant on Doctor Who after the 2009 specials. On the one hand, that sucks. On the other hand, it’s probably time for a new Doctor anyway.

Saw my doctor today, now that she’s back from maternity leave. Was given a tetanus shot because I’m high risk for infection, got a the annual referral to my dermatologist, got a physical scheduled and, just as icing on the cake, there’s a colonoscopy in my future. Oh, and when I revisit the urologist on the 17th, I’ll be finding out what’s the next step in dealing with an enlarged prostate gland. Lucky me, eh?

And now…dish washing. More blogging later.

Under The Onion Tree

…and other stories

Stuff: The Next Generation

1: Hey, you wacky gamers out there! Dundracon is 108 days away and pre-reg goes up to $40.00 in 4 days. If you are going and haven’t pre-regged, go do it. If you aren’t sure if you are going, just let me say: Have you lost your mind? Of course you should go!

2: One week until the election! One week until no more fucking political ads for at least several months! ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL I CAN LAUGH MANIACALLY AT EVERY REPUBLICAN I MEET!

3: My veggie garden is going along nicely, now that the spinach is cooperating and finally sprouting up. The lettuce (at least 5 varieties) is kicking into high gear and I foresee some yummy baby greens on the dinner table about Saturday.

4: The latest Brewerton Village Poll is now closed. I shall post one more poll in a day or two, then sometime next week I’ll write up our little village here for all to see.

5: Although the new television season has, by and large, failed to excite me, I must say that Heroes is getting more interesting by the episode. Despite that, I sincerely hope the series writers/directors/producers will do things differently next season. and by differently, I mean No More Save The World, No More New Characters, No More Deaths That Don’t Stick and No More Goddamn Time Travelling (and yes, that includes Hiro).

6: As I have stated previously, the odds of my going to GenCon in 2009 are somewhat worse than my winning the lottery. On the other hand, since GenCon 2010 will be the 20th anniversary of my first GenCon, I will be there. Filled with such certainty, and being a fellow renowned for his advance planning (as well as his wildass spur of the moment non-planning), I have been considering some amusing pastimes for myself and my gaming pals that year. More on this as the months roll by.

7: There is no #7, because I’m going to go have a snack.

The Rare And Beautiful Flower Headed Land Jellyfish Of Potawango Island

…they like to eat cheese

Game Day

Today, 75% of the game session was the 5 characters, Jonas’ (the only trained adventurer) pet wolf, Mac’s pet terrier and the two mini-triceratopans versus 20 dire wolfweres in human form. Fortunately, Our Heroic Band was able to get off a variety of ranged attacks (to say nothing of a wolf attack and a really pissed off Jack Russell sized terrier attack) before the wolfweres reached them. After that, it was hackin’ & slashin’ fun. Well, fun except for when two of the characters rolled critical fumbles…and when Mac swung his cutlass in a low blow and amputated a wolfwere’s johnson…and when Tekka (the mage) got punched in the face and knocked out by the biggest wolfwere…and when a gronk (the mini-triceratopsan) impaled and gutted a wolfwere…and much severing of wolfwere arteries, leading to much spraying of blood. But overall, fun, yes indeed. After the festivities, it was all about the healing spells and the first aid and the burning of the dead (5 wolfweres escaped) and the resting up and the getting the hell outta their.

We ended the game at 3:00, due to some of the players having an appointment. We’ll play again in 3 weeks, when they may or may not find themselves in deep shit again.

A Square Pig In A Round Hole

…aided by bacon grease, no doubt

Hey, yo! If you have not yet taken The Latest Brewerton Village Poll, then click that link and do it, homie. You need not be one of the villagers to join the fun.

It has been pretty warm here lately…in the mid-80’s. This is good news for those of us of either a sun loving or garden addicted nature. Me, I’m both, so I’m loving it.

Daisy, who has been suffering from an upset tummy these past few days, is now feeling much better and is her sweet and active self again.

I don’t know about you, but the meltdown of the Republican party in general and the McCain/Palin ticket in particular has filled me with a warm fuzzy glow. I do so love it when those miserable conservative motherfuckers try to claw their way out of a shitstorm by turning on one another. I can hardly wait for the election day purge to really get them eating their own:)

For reasons unknown, when I got up this morning at 5:00 a.m. to give The Girls their first breakfast and take them out for a pee break, I decided to go online for 90 minutes. Obviously, my descent into madness still has a way to go. Anyway, I was back in bed by 6:30 and My Sweet Little Golden Shouldered Parakeet Of Cuteness let me sleep until she left for the computer lab at American River College, around 9:00.

And now, I’m off to walk dogs and garden and other stuff. Take that poll, laddies and lassies, or you’ll regret it. Maybe not today, but soon, and for the rest of your lives.

Jerboas With Guns

…and a shiv or two

What Uncle Doc did today…

Worked in the garden
Planted more spinach and radishes
Walked Daisy
Washed dishes
Did laundry
Wrassled with Winker
Tidied up the house
Washed both dogs
Cooked dinner
Walked Daisy again

Damn…this fast paced lifestyle is going to kill me.