Thrilling Garden Adventures!

…none of which are mentioned in this entry

It was rainy and cool last night…very overcast and not quite so cool most of the day…and now it’s overcast, warm and windy. Thus comes late fall/early winter to the Big Tomato.

Took Daisy to the vet today. Forked over $210.00 for blood tests & antibiotics. Test results will be in tomorrow. The poor girl is feeling a bit better, but is still a sick pooch. We could ill afford the $210.00 hit, but in choosing paying bills over My Girls, the bills always lose.

No Halloween shit going on here tonight. No money for candy and, besides, I’m a balls out or nothing kinda Halloween person. I did make a very nice large sign for out front that says “Sorry kids, but no candy this year.”

Grace just called to say they had a big party at work with lotsa yummies, so she’s bringing me home cookies and cake and what she called “a chocolate CHOCOLATE pudding”. I told her she was the best wife in the universe and if she every gets cloned, I’ll marry the clone, too.

And now, I’m off to give my sick hound a pill.

Driving A Stake Through The Heart Of Reaganomics

…and with luck, Mr. Obama will be swinging the mallet

I’m posting this because I hate the lying out of state religious right scumbags (and that means YOU Mormon Church) that put Proposition 8 on the ballot here in California. Discrimination is discrimination, you god damned Republican motherfuckers!

“Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you’re in a non-same-sex marriage, and you don’t want it “protected” by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.”

Apocalypse Cow

…I love the smell of milk in the morning.

Our girl Daisy is still sick, so I’ve set up a vet appointment for Friday morning. Couldn’t do it sooner…no money in the bank. I hope she doesn’t get worse in the next day and a half.

So, no David Tennant on Doctor Who after the 2009 specials. On the one hand, that sucks. On the other hand, it’s probably time for a new Doctor anyway.

Saw my doctor today, now that she’s back from maternity leave. Was given a tetanus shot because I’m high risk for infection, got a the annual referral to my dermatologist, got a physical scheduled and, just as icing on the cake, there’s a colonoscopy in my future. Oh, and when I revisit the urologist on the 17th, I’ll be finding out what’s the next step in dealing with an enlarged prostate gland. Lucky me, eh?

And now…dish washing. More blogging later.

Under The Onion Tree

…and other stories

Stuff: The Next Generation

1: Hey, you wacky gamers out there! Dundracon is 108 days away and pre-reg goes up to $40.00 in 4 days. If you are going and haven’t pre-regged, go do it. If you aren’t sure if you are going, just let me say: Have you lost your mind? Of course you should go!

2: One week until the election! One week until no more fucking political ads for at least several months! ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL I CAN LAUGH MANIACALLY AT EVERY REPUBLICAN I MEET!

3: My veggie garden is going along nicely, now that the spinach is cooperating and finally sprouting up. The lettuce (at least 5 varieties) is kicking into high gear and I foresee some yummy baby greens on the dinner table about Saturday.

4: The latest Brewerton Village Poll is now closed. I shall post one more poll in a day or two, then sometime next week I’ll write up our little village here for all to see.

5: Although the new television season has, by and large, failed to excite me, I must say that Heroes is getting more interesting by the episode. Despite that, I sincerely hope the series writers/directors/producers will do things differently next season. and by differently, I mean No More Save The World, No More New Characters, No More Deaths That Don’t Stick and No More Goddamn Time Travelling (and yes, that includes Hiro).

6: As I have stated previously, the odds of my going to GenCon in 2009 are somewhat worse than my winning the lottery. On the other hand, since GenCon 2010 will be the 20th anniversary of my first GenCon, I will be there. Filled with such certainty, and being a fellow renowned for his advance planning (as well as his wildass spur of the moment non-planning), I have been considering some amusing pastimes for myself and my gaming pals that year. More on this as the months roll by.

7: There is no #7, because I’m going to go have a snack.

The Rare And Beautiful Flower Headed Land Jellyfish Of Potawango Island

…they like to eat cheese

Game Day

Today, 75% of the game session was the 5 characters, Jonas’ (the only trained adventurer) pet wolf, Mac’s pet terrier and the two mini-triceratopans versus 20 dire wolfweres in human form. Fortunately, Our Heroic Band was able to get off a variety of ranged attacks (to say nothing of a wolf attack and a really pissed off Jack Russell sized terrier attack) before the wolfweres reached them. After that, it was hackin’ & slashin’ fun. Well, fun except for when two of the characters rolled critical fumbles…and when Mac swung his cutlass in a low blow and amputated a wolfwere’s johnson…and when Tekka (the mage) got punched in the face and knocked out by the biggest wolfwere…and when a gronk (the mini-triceratopsan) impaled and gutted a wolfwere…and much severing of wolfwere arteries, leading to much spraying of blood. But overall, fun, yes indeed. After the festivities, it was all about the healing spells and the first aid and the burning of the dead (5 wolfweres escaped) and the resting up and the getting the hell outta their.

We ended the game at 3:00, due to some of the players having an appointment. We’ll play again in 3 weeks, when they may or may not find themselves in deep shit again.

A Square Pig In A Round Hole

…aided by bacon grease, no doubt

Hey, yo! If you have not yet taken The Latest Brewerton Village Poll, then click that link and do it, homie. You need not be one of the villagers to join the fun.

It has been pretty warm here lately…in the mid-80’s. This is good news for those of us of either a sun loving or garden addicted nature. Me, I’m both, so I’m loving it.

Daisy, who has been suffering from an upset tummy these past few days, is now feeling much better and is her sweet and active self again.

I don’t know about you, but the meltdown of the Republican party in general and the McCain/Palin ticket in particular has filled me with a warm fuzzy glow. I do so love it when those miserable conservative motherfuckers try to claw their way out of a shitstorm by turning on one another. I can hardly wait for the election day purge to really get them eating their own:)

For reasons unknown, when I got up this morning at 5:00 a.m. to give The Girls their first breakfast and take them out for a pee break, I decided to go online for 90 minutes. Obviously, my descent into madness still has a way to go. Anyway, I was back in bed by 6:30 and My Sweet Little Golden Shouldered Parakeet Of Cuteness let me sleep until she left for the computer lab at American River College, around 9:00.

And now, I’m off to walk dogs and garden and other stuff. Take that poll, laddies and lassies, or you’ll regret it. Maybe not today, but soon, and for the rest of your lives.

Jerboas With Guns

…and a shiv or two

What Uncle Doc did today…

Worked in the garden
Planted more spinach and radishes
Walked Daisy
Washed dishes
Did laundry
Wrassled with Winker
Tidied up the house
Washed both dogs
Cooked dinner
Walked Daisy again

Damn…this fast paced lifestyle is going to kill me.

Putting Mayonaise On A Cow Is Just Plain Wrong

…even if the cow enjoyed it

Last night, My sweet angel and I watched The Incredible Hulk, which we did not see in the theater. Verdict? Better in every way than the Ang Lee effort…with one exception: we both preferred the look of the Hulk in Lee’s version. Other than that, this version was fine comic book movie fare.

And now, it’s time for the next Brewerton Village Poll

The Incredible Adventure Of Doctor Tempest Versus The Cat Creature

…from the November 1902 edition

The Third Brewerton Poll is closed and I will use the info in my final description of the village, which is still a couple of polls away. In the meantime, another poll will be up in a day or so.

My attempts (three of them!) to write the “Stolen Cop Car” story by using Lolcat speak have proven fruitless. Instead, I shall tell it in another style. But not in this post.

Apparently there is much agonizing going on by fanboys (yeah, like that doesn’t happen every fucking day in some area of fandom) about unfounded reports that the ending for Watchmen will not be the same as in the graphic novel. I hope it’s not true, but either way, we are now stuck with yet another crop of whining, bitching, moaning, crying gits until the day the movie finally premieres. Of course, even then, there will be some who bitch about it, even if it follows the book exactly.

And that leads me into the following rant…

There are few feelings that so conflict me as the ones I get when fans go bugfuck over…well, whatever. On the one hand, I have hung out with a great many comics/games/sci-fi/fantasy/music/movie/tv/etc. fans of both sexes and I really like most of them. On the other hand, the constant wailing and gnashing of teeth over things great or small, real or imagined, by some of them makes me want to choke them into merciful silence. It’s damned annoying.

What really annoys me, though, is not that they shit themselves when they find out that X actor is going to play Y character…or that, Dog forbid, the movie version of a book turns out differently than the written version…or that adventure #234 for their favorite RPG is not what they expected/wanted…or that author A started a new series when they wanted book #15 of The Neverending Trilogy…or that game/movie/videogame/music/tv/publishing company doesn’t give them EVERYTHING EXACTLY AS THEY WANT RIGHT NOW FOR FREE…no, what really bugs the fuck out of me is that, ultimately, they are all fucking hypocrites.

Case in point: Years and years ago…about a week after D&D3E was announced…there was brisk discussion on the old AOL gaming forums about what the game might be like and such. As time went on, the fanboys grabbed hold of every little fact and rumor about D&D3E and, as fanboys are wont to do, started pulling “facts” out of their asses. D&D was gonna be great…it was gonna blow…it would be streamlined for better roleplaying…it would become more bloated…it would be the same…it would be different.

When more facts came out and we got a clearer idea of where D&D was going, a whole mess of geeks went ballistic. Never, they swore, would they play this new abomination that was solely designed to viciously bugger their childhood RPG memories. No, no, a thousand times no, they would not buy D&D3E. The game was dead to them.

And then it came out and they bought it and 4,386 supplements/sourcebooks/adventures/monster manuals for it. They wrote lavish reviews, clogged the intertubes with game writeups and, in more than a couple of cases, climbed on the D20/OGL train and started their own game companies. Way to stand by your principles, whiners.

But it isn’t just those game geeks, it’s really all aspects of fandom…

“Dude, I fucking HATE what they did to Lord Of the Rings!” A year later, he’s first in line to buy the special edition DVD.

“Bigass Video Game Company lost my business when they didn’t make XWiistation 2 backward compatible” A month later, he’s playing the fuck outta MarioHalo Theft 4…on the system he hated.

“I can no longer respect an author who would depict Vulcans dressed in winter clothing while attending the big Pointed Ear Festival, cos it’s held in the summer!” But then she busts her ass to get said author to sign his latest Trek novel.

“George Lucas raped, murdered, beheaded and then cannabalized my childhood!” A year later, their dicks are hard at the mere mention of a Star Wars television series.

It goes on and on. Don’t even get me started on the Trekkies or the Whovians. It all puts a terrible strain on my already strained attempt to put my violent youth behind me. I mean, hypocrisy is a very human thing. It’s what sets us apart from the animals. But the whineyass way that fandom goes about it just sucks ass.

No, I don’t have any suggestions on how to solve this. I was just whining.

Scarlet Dreams

…on a sleepless night

Ok, so maybe the shit that needs fixing around here will have to wait until Our Adventure In Poverty comes to an end.

Time to switch to Plan B: Go buy groceries, then mess around in the garden before commencing the househusbandry.

But first, the Significant Other Meme (ganked from delazan)

1. They are watching TV. What are they watching? One of the CSI variants, Fringe, Bones or maybe Supernatural
2. You’re out to eat. What kind of dressing do they get on their salad? Italian
3. What’s one food this person doesn’t like? What’s one food this person could not live without? Peas/Chicken
4. You go out to the bar. He/she orders… In the 13 years we have been together, she has consumed alcohol 5 times. Each time, it was a whiskey sour.
5. Where did he/she go to high school? Mostly, in Modesto, CA
6. What size shoe do they wear? Beats the hell outta me, but compared to my size 12EEEE’s, they’re pretty small.
7. If this person were to collect anything, it would be… books, you betcha!
8. What is their favorite type of sandwich? Prime rib from our local Jewish deli
9. This person could eat ______ everyday. Pie
10. Favorite cereal? Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries or Cocoa Pebbles
11. This person wouldn’t be caught dead wearing? Jewelry or sports related stuff
12. Favorite sports team? Like me, she hates pro sports, but she does really like Olympic gymnastics
13. Who will he/she vote for? Despite being a Green Party member, she’s voting for Obama
14. What is their sign? Leo
15. What is something you do that he/she wishes you didn’t? Talk so loudly/make “danger noises”
16. How many states has this person lived in? Four
17. What is his/her heritage? Predominantly German, Irish & English.
18. You bake them a cake for their birthday. What kind do you bake? Cheesecake
19. Did he/she play sports in high school? No
20. This person could spend hours… Discussing alternative medicine.
21. He/She wants a new… Computer
22. The CD I would probably find in their vehicle is… Something by ABBA, or maybe some Celtic music collection
23. What can you do that will guarantee a laugh from him/her? Too many things to list
24. Does he/she get along well with their family? Absolutely not. She disowned them years ago.
25. If money wasn’t an option, I would buy him/her… Everything she’s ever wanted…and pie.

It’s All Fun And Games Until Somebody Gets Buggered By A Mutant Echidna

…like, OW!

Just A Big Ol’ Bunch O’ Stuff

1: Watched the debate…decided that, besides being an out of touch old motherfucker, McCain has something wrong with him, possibly of a neurological order.

2: I’ve been thinking a lot about the basic premise of City of Ember and I’m damned if it couldn’t be ported over to a post apocalyptic steampunk setting (which C of E is, kinda) and make a wicked cool RPG series. Possibly for my alternate RPG group, the Cannibal Pygmies. Let’s see…a huge dome instead of an underground lair…lots of steampunkery, but resources are running out…and the dome is starting to decay…hmmm.

3: My plan for dealing with the coming economic depression and the collapse of Civilization As We Know It (don’t I wish), assuming I can find a fucking job, is to get Grace and I out from under a couple of crushing debts, then do what I can gardenwise to lower our food costs. And yes, that includes a couple of chickens and ducks. As for money making, I have some small options (all legal, Ms. C:)that won’t bring in a lot of $$, but will help out. Fortunately, Grace and I no longer have credit cards, so that blight on society is not something that can bite us.

4: I’m about 10 stories in on The World of Jeeves and I’m really enjoying me some Wodehouse. I first read some of these stories (along with a couple about Psmith) at my Aunt Pearl’s house when I was about 12 or 13. I liked them back then, but I’m understanding the nuances and lingo much more than I did as a young chappie.

5: The Brewerton Village Poll #3 is going along nicely and I urge y’all who have not taken it to do so. I’m pretty sure smuggling of one sort or another will be running rampant in our village after this poll. And is it just me, or does robin_d_laws name for the town drunk sound like something George Lucas would create for Star Wars?

6: Today is, after I walk my Faithful Hounds to the park, “Mr. Fix It Day” for me. I’m going to putter about the old homestead fixing small, inexpensive, problems. Later, I’ll morph into “Doc Cross, Househusband” and wash up some dishes, do some laundry and cook up some dinner. After that, I’m gonna watch my latest Netflix offering The Giant Behemoth. No doubt with a certain one eyed dog on my lap.

And now, I’m off to entertain my canine kids.

A Child’s Book Of Very Squishy Things

…with special extra squishy cover padding

Village Poll #3

But first, some facts about our village…

1: The village name is Brewerton, due to the fact that it is a near perfect place to brew beer. Additionally, the native yeasts make it a darned fine place to be a baker, too.

2: The Mayor, one Aelfric, is very popular and keeps the town prosperous and free of crime. This is because it is his home base for a kingdomwide organized crime cartel. Yes, indeed, he is a Napoleon of Crime in the Moriarty tradition.

3: Being quite a racially diverse place, Brewerton welcomes humanoids and sentient non-humanoids of all types.

4: Being as how many of the folks in our village enjoy inventing new things and processes, it will come as no surprise that Brewerton is the place to go to find new types of beer, insanely delicious new pastries, wonderful cheeses found nowhere else and cutting edge Master Criminal Plans.

And now, here’s the new poll, open to villagers and non-villagers alike.

Chapter 432: In Which Our Hero Wrestles The Devil, Greases A Pig And Rescues Young Lucy From Ninjas

…all while avoiding the evil duke’s men

Great Gobs O’ Stuff

Happy Birthday to robin_d_laws, who is, I assure you, as fine a fellow as you’ll ever meet and one of the best game designers in the history of the art form.

The Second Village Poll is closed and megdeon and boundfate missed Last Call. I shall personally fill in the blanks on their characters later. The next Village Poll will go up very soon and be open to all.

Grace and I went to see City of Ember yesterday. We both really enjoyed it. Plenty of action, an interesting setting, likeable characters and a giant mutant star nosed mole. What more could you want?

My small winter veggie garden is doing well, altho the spinach has yet to poke it’s head above the soil. The peas, carrots, radishes and lettuce are all above ground (well, most of each radish and carrot is underground) and growing like crazy.

Sunday was game day and the PC’s did the following…

Rescued the Breeder Slaves from their cruel captivity

Had a fast paced and scary escape down the underground Forbidden River

Helped the former slaves establish a small community

Followed their dream given directions to a small village that not only got bigger as the days passed, but got more racially and economically diverse, too.

Found out that the village was populated by tulpa like entities, who needed the PC’s to stay among them for a week in order for the villagers and the village to become corporeal and “real”.

Left the village with many fine gifts (including a cool expandable chuck wagon/camper pulled by two mini triceratops) and the villagers undying respect and love.

Proceeded to make a beeline to a rumored ruined fort, where, they were sure they would find fortune and glory.

Found the ruins, but instead of fortune and glory, triggered a bit of magical critical mass and caused the mage of the group to give birth to the first elementals…in one case, literally.

Hauled ass out of the elemental homeland and into the hills.

We will play again in two weeks, at which point I expect the PC’s will once again find themselves neck deep in adventure.

More stuff, with a 30% chance of nonsense, later

How To Care For Your Pet Xorn

…with many color photographs

Game Day
In about 90 minutes, my gaming group will arrive for the next installment in our ongoing “The Return Of Magic” series. There should be action and adventure aplenty in today’s episode.

Steampunk Reading
Yesterday, as part of a mystery shopping obligation, I had to buy a paperback book at a local book merchant. The book I settled on was Extraordinary Engines, a steampunk anthology. I have yet to crack it open, mostly because I’m currently reading my way through The World Of Jeeves (36 Jeeves & Wooster stories). Still, I’m a big fan of steampunk so I reckon I’ll enjoy it.

Upcoming Stuff On This LJ
A few things to look forward to this week…

The story of how I boosted a cop car, told entirely in LOLCat captions

Another Village Poll, this time open only to those NON-Villagers among you.

My plan for dealing with the current economic crisis and my ongoing unemployment.

And now, I must tidy up before the gamers arrive.

The Ten Blue Budgies At The Earths Core

…where they are promptly eaten by dinosaurs


This is for…


, who have yet to take the Second Village Poll yet. Please do so before Sunday night, or else I shall do it for you, which will no doubt cause you no end of heartbreak and self loathing.

As it is, I am forced to take over the character created by padawangirl, since she has embarked on an exciting and lucrative new business venture with her best friend. (Good Luck, young one. If I were 30 years younger, I’d join you in the fun.)

More blogging soon.

Tales Told ‘Round The Campfire

…heavily edited by a big bottle of scotch

In a few minutes, I’ll be off to my mom’s house to pick up a few things of mine that she has had for the last 25-30 years. I’ll be taking The Girls, who will no doubt have great fun sniffing around mom’s garden and interacting with her miniature poodle, Charlie.

Later today, I’ll dive headlong into gardening for a bit, then cook up a tasty meal featuring the last of the pork sirloin. After dinner, it is much writing for me to be doing.

More stuff later.

A Golden Girl, A Box Full Of Trouble And A Very Inventive Guy

…in The City

My oh my, it would seem that we might want to name Our Village “Testosteroneville”, since the first 10 (of 16) villagers are male. Well, at least they are a racially diverse lot:)

In other news, I walked 5.3 miles yesterday, at a pretty brisk pace and without sitting down once during the entire 2 hours and 16 minutes of the trip (which includes a 30 minute stop at a local nursery to check out new plant ideas. I was rather whipped by the time I got home, but I’m planning a similar journey for today. I’m thinking that if I can’t find work, I should at least find some fitness.

Oh, yeah…all you villagers who have yet to fill out the second poll, GO DO IT!.

And now I’m outta here to walk dogs, clean house and then walk to a thrift store.

Doc Tempest: The Moscow Monstrosity

…from the very first graphic novel, March, 1980

A Game Setting Idea

Submitted for your nitpicking…

On an otherwise typical RPG fantasy world, there is a large expanse of land where the surface world, aside from many small kingdoms protected by powerful magical domes, is so deadly dangerous that even the most powerful of adventurers would be dead within hours. EVERYTHING living is dangerous! The average chipmunk, with his incredible speed, ferocity and neurotoxic bite, can drop a 12th level warrior in under a minute. You don’t even want to know how deadly a squirrel is. Bears, lions, wolves? Better you should meet Godzilla.

Anyway, none of these small kingdoms can produce everything they need to survive, so they must trade. Magical teleportation spells takes months to cast, so instead, the people use the vast system of caverns & cave systems as trade routes between kingdoms. Sure, it’s dangerous, but not nearly as bad as the surface, where the average flock of sparrows can strip the flesh off of a bull carcass in under an hour.

In fact, some of the underground dwellers have given up their evil ways in favor of good old capitalism. Goblins, for instance, run a whole string of inns along the Underground Road and many kobolds will hire onto caravans as security guards.

So, there we go…a world with a logical reason for going into the underdark besides killing the dwellers there and taking their stuff (altho that does indeed happen in the offroad areas). Now, my Gentle Readers, how might we expand upon this? Or should I start up yet another poll based RPG creating thingy, perhaps on my other LJ?

Ham Grenades

…made from explosive hogs

The Village Creation Poll, Part 1, is closed

The poll is closed and we have the major movers & shakers in our village. But fear not, those of you who were too timid/lazy/afraid to participate in the first poll: You’ll ALL be able to do some voting soon enough. However, the next poll will be strictly for our villagers. And who are they, you may well ask? Here they be…

robin_d_laws — Civic leader — optimistic — Lawful Evil — Likes to invent new things/processes

em_gumby — Baker — opinionated — Chaotic Good — wants to increase his station in life

the_tall_man — Village watch — pessimistic — Neutral — wants to help his fellow man

reverancepavane — Brewer — lovable — Chaotic Good — Likes to invent new things/processes

smalley_smoot — Innkeeper — lovable — Neutral — wants to help his fellow man

aota — Brewer — funny — Chaotic Good — Likes to invent new things/processes

megdeon — Baker — optimistic — Lawful Good — Wants to be a good person and live a good life

mechanteanemone — Brewer — opinionated — Neutral — Likes to invent new things/processes

mylescorcoran — Baker — sexy — Chaotic Good — Wants to have many romantic conquests

sammywol — Cheesemaker — sexy — Chaotic Good — Likes to invent new things/processes

boundfate — Herbalist/Healer — sexy — Neutral — Seeks to master the mystic arts

bobmungovan — Cheesemaker — lazy — Lawful Good — Wants to live happily ever after

avylou — Village watch — pessimistic — Chaotic Good — Wants to serve her king and country

pretentiousfool — Innkeeper — funny — Chaotic Good — Wants to learn things man was not meant to know

flwyd — Butcher — grouchy — Neutral — Seeks to master the mystic arts

padawangirl — Shopkeeper — opinionated — Lawful Good — Wants to eventually get out of this village and into the big city

As you can see, this village is just full of inventive folks, many of who are deeply into beer, bread and cheese. Mmmm…I can almost smell the rivalries:)

I’ll post another poll later that will determine these good folks races, sexes and general looks.

Sparky The Tubeworm

…way down under the sea


Blindness: Well done and well acted, but rather predictable. Not a bad movie, but not one I would pay money to see.

The VP Debate: Despite the spinning of the Republican talking heads, it was Biden for the win. Palin was a spokesperson/pimp who dodged really answering most questions in favor of repeating the same old shit.

The Garden: Spinach…carrots…radishes…lettuce…mesclun mix…peas! All in the soil, most sprouting in a week or so. And all in just about 3 square feet, with 3 more square feet to be planted in a few days.

Television: Fringe has not yet lost me, but it’s barely hanging on. Heroes is picking up steam. Supernatural is starting to bore me. Bones continues to be fun and I’d happily hop in the sack with any or all of the three female leads.

The Search For Employment: Continues…and yes, I’ve applied at pretty much every sort of place y’all have suggested.

And now, I’m outta here. More blogathonics later.

The Totally Crazy, Yet Morally Uplifting, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And Angus The Dancing Ox

…costarring her pet carpet viper, Amos

According to an email I just received from My Sweet Little Orange Cupcake Of Love, we have gotten complimentary tickets to a screening of Blindness tonight at 7:30. Cool.

In the ever lurking Other News, I’m about to go out and start planting my fall veggies…FINALLY. Spinach, radishes and lettuce today…carrots this weekend.

In gaming news, due to scheduling conflicts, there won’t be any gaming here for a week or two, maybe longer. Oh well, at least it gives me more time to work on my maps.

Our village progresses nicely, despite y’all being a bunch of baking and brewing mofos:) I’m hoping we get a few more immigrants in the next day or so.

And now, it’s time for me to undergo my transformation into…Farmer Doc, The Horticultural Whore.

Attack Of The Faceless Zombie Aliens

…presented in Creepovision


1: According to the spiffy new LJ profile thingy, this is my 1,131st post since 03/06/04…and all of them with different subject lines. Wow!

2: The Poll Based Village Project is coming along nicely. We seem to be a favorite village for brewers and bakers, so I’m thinking that the village is located amongst huge grain fields and next to a pristine river or two. If you haven’t checked out the poll, please do. I’ll close it next Monday, then move on to the next part of the polling process.

3: I am still unemployed. This blows heartily, but at least I’m not alone, what with the comming Great Depression and all.

More blogging later.