Thrilling Garden Adventures!

…none of which are mentioned in this entry

It was rainy and cool last night…very overcast and not quite so cool most of the day…and now it’s overcast, warm and windy. Thus comes late fall/early winter to the Big Tomato.

Took Daisy to the vet today. Forked over $210.00 for blood tests & antibiotics. Test results will be in tomorrow. The poor girl is feeling a bit better, but is still a sick pooch. We could ill afford the $210.00 hit, but in choosing paying bills over My Girls, the bills always lose.

No Halloween shit going on here tonight. No money for candy and, besides, I’m a balls out or nothing kinda Halloween person. I did make a very nice large sign for out front that says “Sorry kids, but no candy this year.”

Grace just called to say they had a big party at work with lotsa yummies, so she’s bringing me home cookies and cake and what she called “a chocolate CHOCOLATE pudding”. I told her she was the best wife in the universe and if she every gets cloned, I’ll marry the clone, too.

And now, I’m off to give my sick hound a pill.

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  1. em_gumby says:

    We’re sending you vibes Daisy!

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