The 26 Things You Should Do Before Wrestling An Elk

…#14 is to warm up by wrestling a large goat

Another rainy day here, so I didn’t do a hell of a lot. Fortunately, my S.A.D. has not kicked in yet, so I’m still a pretty cheery fellow.

So far, I’ve done 17 maps for the game world of our “Magic Returns” series. Each map measures 400 X 500 miles. Most of them are coastal maps, but a few are interiors of continents and some are islands (including Freeport). I’ll be doing more as time goes by, so as to have them ready for next years adventures.

I am still on the fence about going to ConQuest Sac next March, but I’m beginning to lean towards going. I may even attempt to run a couple of official RPGs.

I am SO glad the election is tomorrow. I think that in 2012, I’ll spend most of the year out of the country and vote absentee, just to avoid all the bullshit and ads.

And now, I’m off to bed. More blogging tomorrow.