At Times Like This, We Need Dancing Elks

…and maybe a crooning moose

Not feeling very writerish lately, but here’s a meme to amuse y’all.

The Dice Meme

Do you re-roll cocked dice? Yes
Do you re-roll floor dice? Yes
Do you roll where everyone can see it? Not always. Some info is privy to the GM only, plus, sometimes you have to fudge die rolls.
Do you feel betrayed by your dice when they roll poorly? Sometimes, when I think they are doing it out of spite.
Do you have a favorite type of die? What is it? Probably the d20 or the d10.
Do you have different dice for different functions? No
Do you have different dice for different games? No, not really
Do you have more of a single type of die than the others? What is it? Yes, d6’s outnumber all of the others.
Do you have FUDGE dice? Yes, lots of them in every color they come in.
Do you have scatter dice? Yep, of several different types.
Do you let other people touch your dice? Yep
Do you have dice superstitions? What are they? Nope
Do you buy more dice even though you don’t need them? Oh hell yes! I have ton of dice, because I’m a diceaholic. In fact, back in the ’90s, I wrote a piece for The Familiar all about my tragic addiction.
What’s your favorite die? My black d100
If you were to put custom symbols on a die what would they be? Either pornographic pictures or dogs.
Do you have dice made of anything particularly different than normal? What? I have a wooden die or two.
What do you keep your dice in? Several custom made dice bags, including one with my name on it that a now deceased friend made for me.
Do you have more than one dice container? See answer above.
Do you keep dice in your pocket? Your glovebox? Your workplace? Nope
If you have a partner that games, do you have separate dice? Yep
Do you have any of the first dice you bought or received? I have ALL of the first dice I ever bought, way back in 1976.
Do you play certain games just because they have you roll lots of dice? Nope
Do you love your dice? How much? Except for a few moments of drunken indiscretion, no.