The Further Adventures Of Doctor What And The Andalusian Dog

…with a guest appearence by Terry Gilliam

January Ends

January is just about over and I have to say, I won’t miss it. Daisy dying kinda put me into a strange place.

1: It has taken until last night before I could take much of a walk at night. It still doesn’t feel right, but it’s easier than a couple of weeks ago.

2: My LJ posting has been pretty sparse and not terribly creative. I seem to be getting my stride back, tho.

3: Our dire financial situation hasn’t helped my emotional state much. The day job is only slightly (like, $12.00 a week) better than collecting unemployment.

4: I have not been able to remember most of my dreams. For me, that is quite unusual.

I suspect things will improve greatly in February, especially after Dundracon. See, Dundracon helped me deal with my dad’s death, 25 years ago this Feb. 19th. The next year, 1985, with the first anniversary of his death coming up, a friend dragged me to the con (before that, I had only dropped in for a few hours at Dundracon 3 or 4…can’t recall which, cos I was intoxicated) and I had a good time. By the next year (when I missed the con due to…a more interesting gig), things went easier. From 1988 on, I have not missed a Dundracon. So this year, at the con, when I take my annual few minutes to think of Dad, my Uncle Robert and Roscoe, I’ll add Daisy to the list…and I’ll be ok.

But I’m sure as hell glad January 2009 is history.

The 32 Things You Can Do With A Cup Of Soup And A Norfolk Terrier

…assuming the terrier knows how to sit and roll over

That Top 50 TV Show Meme

As always, I mock all of the bolding, underlining and strikeovering and insert my pithy comments.

50. Quantum Leap (Watched it semi-regularly. Pretty good show)
49. Prison Break (I’ve never seen it.)
48. Veronica Mars (Never watched it)
47. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (I watched the first couple of seasons religiously, then watched it semi-regularly)
46. Sex & The City (I’ve seen maybe two episode)
45. Farscape (Watched maybe 8 episodes spread out over 2-3 seasons)
44. Cracker (Nope)
43. Star Trek (Oh yeah, you betcha. I remember seeing the first episode back in the ’60s)
42. Only Fools and Horses (Huh? Never heard of it)
41. Band of Brothers (nope)
40. Life on Mars (Nope. Doesn’t even sound interesting to me.)
39. Monty Python’s Flying Circus (Oh hell yes.)
38. Curb Your Enthusiasm (Nope)
37. Star Trek: The Next Generation (Watched it every week. Liked it better than TOS, especially once Roddenberry was out of the picture)
36. Father Ted (Nope)
35. Alias (Nope)
34. Frasier (I think I saw 3 episodes.)
33. CSI: Las Vegas (Watch it every week, altho now that Grissom is gone…)
32. Babylon 5 (Saw maybe 4 episodes. Thought it was a yawnfest.)
31. Deadwood (Saw 4 episode. Not a bad show.)
30. Dexter (Nope)
29. ER (Saw the first episode)
28. Fawlty Towers (You betcha. John Cleese rules!)
27. Six Feet Under (Nope)
26. Red Dwarf (Watched 3 episodes. Was not impressed.)
25. Futurama (It was ok, but it was no Simpsons.)
24. Twin Peaks (Watched it and liked it, tho the ending kinda blew.)
23. The Office (Nope)
22. The Shield (Nope)
21. Angel (Saw a few episodes. It was ok.)
20. Blackadder (Oh yes. First couple of series were the best)
19. Scrubs (Nope)
18. Arrested Development (nope)
17. South Park (Used to watch it every week. Very funny.)
16. Doctor Who (Watch when we get the Sci-Fi Channel. Watch DVDs of older episodes.)
15. Heroes (Have yet to miss an episode, but they are beginning to bore me.)
14. Firefly (I have now seen 4 episodes…and I still think it sucks.)
13. Battlestar Galactica (Have never seen it. Not really interested, but might try it on DVD)
12. Family Guy (Watch it once in a while. Pretty funny)
11. Seinfeld (Saw maybe 7 episodes. Was unimpressed.)
10. Spaced (Never heard of it.)
09. The X-Files (Watched every episode. When it was good, it rocked. When it was bad, you could hear flies buzzing.)
08. The Wire (Nope
07. Friends (Saw about a dozen episodes. It was ok, I guess.)
06. 24 (Have never watched it)
05. Lost (Watched all the first season and half of the second, then said fuck it.)
04. The West Wing (Nope)
03. The Sopranos (Saw maybe 6 episodes, but I liked them.
02. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Watched first 2 seasons, then slowly lost interest.)
01. The Simpsons (Don’t watch it like I used to, but it is still a very funny show. DOH!)

Pink Pigeon Parade

…with dancing ducks

Ok, for all but one of my regular readers (or even irregular readers), this post will make no sense. For one person tho, it will. See, a friend has found themselves in a situation where sending or receiving email is…not advisable. Additionally, they are (or will be soon) arriving in a foreign land for an extended stay. Thus, the following…

First off, cheer up. All told, you are in good shape all the way around and young to boot. This problem will sort itself out faster than you think. We have top people working on it.

That said, you might as well either dig in where you are or travel about for a couple of years or more. I would advise seeing Australia, since you are close. I’ll get an address or two to you. You might also check out that place we used to talk about, but go only during the fall or winter. Spring and summer are miserable.

I’ll send you a couple of books to read, along with a helpful letter. All through our blonde friend in The City, of course.

Remember the bit from Watership Down? “All the world is your enemy, Prince of a Thousand Enemies, and if they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you, and that will not be easy.” (cut short to remove rabbit only stuff)

Don’t forget that you are a free range human and they are merely citizens, kid. You’ll win in the end.

Gorgonzola Cheese Golems

…terribly dangerous, but very tasty

So, earlier tonight, I was singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” to Winker and I happened to glance at the calendar and notice that a week from today (the 29th)is my birthday. What the fuck? I just had my 54th birthday like, what, 3 months ago? Well, it feels like only 3 months. I mean, time is going by too fuckin’ fast. I was only 40 a couple of years ago.

So, to whatever asshole is fucking around with the spacetime continuum, I say: Knock it off!

Oh, yeah…more Subjectivity 2008 tomorrow.

There’s A New Marshal In Town

…and you can call him MISTER Obama

Holy shit, there were a LOT of people in Washington! They made Woodstock look like a small church picnic!

Great speech from Mr. O. Go kick some ass and take some names, Mr. President!

Now I want to see footage of Bush getting on the plane and leaving. I shall tape it to watch over and over, giggling all the while. Adios, you miserable son of a bitch.

And that motherfucker Cheney in a wheelchair? Comedy gold! I hope he never gets out of it again.

Now, for fuck’s sake, what kind of dog are the Obamas getting? The suspense is killing me!

An Elasmosaurus In The Bathtub

…it’s a really big bathtub

Damn…too many empty days on this LJ so far. Kinda strapped for time right now, but I can do a…

Doc Update

1: We are all doing ok here. Winker has become a bit more of an attention hound, but that’s ok, cos we have lots of love for her.

2: Gotta do a zine for A&E #401 this week. It will contain content not found on this LJ, so you can either subscribe to A&E or wait about a month for the content to pop up on here.

3: We are going through our annual “warm and sunny January” days here in the Big Tomato. This Natures attempt to instill a false sense of hope in gardeners, because soon will come the pounding rain and cold and winters last assault. Me, I’ll wait another month or two before doing any real gardening.

4: Unless I get hit by a comet, I’ll have my annual Subject Line review up by Friday.

5: Working on the PC and NPC characters for the Dundracon Toon game, as well as assorted Stuff and what might loosely be termed a “plot”. Lots of old favorites from past games will show up, plus a couple of new loony toons.

6: Made DocBurgers for dinner last night. They were almost too damned good to eat, but we ate them anyway.

7: Time for lunch, then work. More bloggage later.

The Ten Blue Budgies Put On A Musical Show

…in an old barn and starring Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney

My Dundracon Toon Game

I’m officially scheduled for my 20th annual toon game at Dundracon. Here is the info from the wensite…

414 20th Anniversary TOON Bash

Saturday 8 PM in Room 156 for 4 hours
GM: Doc Cross
Type: RPG
System: TOON
Edition: Deluxe
Players: 10
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Power Level: varied
Variations: Oh, yeah, you betcha
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream

Twenty years of running TOON games at Dundracon? You betcha! If you’ve ever played in one of my games, come play or just say hi. If you’ve ever WANTED to play, come on by and try your luck. If you just want to watch, that’s ok too.

Note: This game session may or may not include cream pies, Nazi Hegehogs, frying pans, explosives, the Kreep Family, Superduperbowl style football, Clarice the Cow and her imaginary friend Mr. Eyeball, the Army of Neat & Tidy Robots, Foogle Birds, clams with guns, monsters of all sorts, CarToon Wars autodueling, Great Catchoolu, one or more members of the Schwemp Family, Robot DeNiro, swineosaurs, aliens, huge balls of goo, the Black Hole Model 3000 Shop Vac, fire, donuts, Altoon Brownie and other Foodie Network stars, firearms of all sorts, Squidzilla, bears, fluffy bunnies, Uncle Spud, sticky stuff, dungeons, moose, The Toonimator, toon fu, grease, giant aunts, mummies, daddies, the insidious Doctor FuFu Manchew, carnivorous plants, carnivorous pants, dangerously insane penguins, wet cement, Small Round Paisley Things That Go Poing, gazebos, Duck Cross, portable holes, giant battle meks, Steve Jackalope, fish, bad French accents and mud.

I hope some of y’all can show up and play in the game or even just watch. It should be lots of fun.

I’m Back

A very heartfelt thanks to all of you who sent condolences on Daisy. We are doing ok, trying to keep busy and get on with life. Winker is doing fine. I think she knew her sister was gone by the next day or so. She has been getting a lot of love these last few days.

I’ll post again this evening. I’ve got a bunch of ideas for the old LJ in 2009.

R.I.P. Daisy Ann Cross (2000-2009)

…my old walking partner

My dear friends,

At 8:30 this morning, our vet confirmed our worst fears: Daisy’s tumors were malignant and fast growing. At 11:30 this morning, after taking one last very slow walk and a drive around all of our favorite streets, Daisy was relieved of her suffering by our vet, Dr. Richards.

At 2:00 pm, Daisy was laid to rest in a nice secluded spot way up in the mountains. Our wonderful neighbor, Suzanne and her dog, Clancy, were there with Grace, Winker and I.

Daisy was a part of our family for just over 2 years. She will be in our hearts forever.

Goodbye, Daisy. You were a very good girl. We love you.

Chapter 71: In Which Our Hero Finds Out That He Is A Father, Sells A Duck And Doesn’t Die

…this chapter not recommended for women of a sensitive nature

Quick Update: I do not have prostate cancer, but we STILL have no word on Daisy. I would have taken the cancer in exchange for good news on her.

Note: Altho I do not have cancer, the side effects of removing a prostate make surgery not an option. And the prostate shrinking drugs are even worse. So, I’ll live with it.

More updatage later.

Garbanzo Bean Soccer

…use condiment packs as goals

Hello, 2009! Do NOT fuck with me!

Some updating: No word from the vet, mostly because the lab is backed up and the vet closed early yesterday. Daisy is still doing ok and she slept about 14 hours last night cos we have to give her a tranquilizer so she won’t freak out when the New Years firecrackers start. In fact, after rousing her about an hour ago to go walkies and eat a bit, she’s back asleep (as are both Grace and Winker). I know how Daisy feels…coming down off drugs kicks yer ass.

I’m doing ok, tho they cannot remove this prostate gland fast enough. It’s like sitting on a golf ball…not actually painful, but not very fun, either.

Now, on to my hopes for 2009…

Health: I want my Daisy to get well, I want myself to get well (altho, I must admit that, as shitty a year as 2008 was, I did not get any leg infections) and I want Grace and Winker to stay well.

Employment: I want more of it. This halftime stuff is fine after no job at all, but I need full time and higher pay. Fortunately, with Grace not going to school this semester, we can both do mystery shops on weekends and before/after work. In fact, she has about $200 in shops lined up for January already.

Travel: We have not traveled anywhere outside Northern California since 2004. That will change this summer. No, we won’t be at GenCon (barring some big lottery win), but we will be going somewhere for at least a few days.

Writing: As always, I vow to do more of it. Hmmm…might be better if I vowed to just finish what I’ve already started.

Ok, that’s it for now. Got some errands to run. Tune in this weekend or Monday for my annual review of last years subject lines.