Chapter 229: In Which Our Hero, Stranded On An Island, Invents Windsurfing And Escapes The Cannibals

…with a triumphant laugh, no doubt

Subjectivity 2008: Part 1

Presented with minimal commentary because I’m so late posting it.

Mostly Purple Patty
I decided not to continue with Mostly Purple Patty in 2009, but I must admit I really enjoyed doing these over the last few years.

The Very Fast Paced, Yet Still Quite Richly Detailed, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Devil

The Totally Surprising, Yet Very Comforting, Story of Mostly Purple Patty And The Six Gay Lemurs

The Incredibly Strange, Yet Somehow Comforting, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Green Zebra

The Humorously Pornographic, Yet Stylish, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Humongous Burp

The Singularly Odd, Yet Not Wholly Unexpected, Story of Mostly Purple Patty And The Dog Revolution

The Really Scary, Yet Sweetly Cute, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Undead Howler Monkey

The Eerily Haunting, Yet Laugh Out Loud Funny, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Crazy Cow

The Sweetly Terrifying Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Haunted Toilet Seat

The Rather Scandalous Tale Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Old Man Who Lived In A Tree

The Eerily Self-Referential Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Mostly Purple Patty Story

The Mostly Sad, Yet Kind Of Odd, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Drunken Skunk

The Totally Crazy, Yet Morally Uplifting, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And Angus The Dancing Ox

The Chapters
I don’t know who wrote this thrilling tale of swashbuckling adventure, but it sure is a long story

Chapter 4: In Which Our Hero Saves A Virgin, Climbs The Stairway To Heaven And Battles The Evil Duke

Chapter 8: In Which Our Hero, Freed Of His Bondage To The Mad King, Sets Forth To Join The Navy

Chapter 17: In Which Our Hero Unleashes A Stampede Of Pigs In Order To Rescue The Queen

Chapter 31: In Which Our Hero Thrashes The Wicked Duke, Saves A Town From The French And Feeds A Cat

Chapter 55: In Which Our Hero Tricks The Evil Duke Into Crossdressing, Then Runs Off With Mary

Chapter 64: In Which Our Hero, Now King Of The Ninja Pirates, Sets Out To Annoy The French

Chapter 88: In Which Our Hero Is Forced To Marry A Cow , Little Suzy Goes Insane And Ed Eats An Eel

Chapter 102: In Which Our Hero Runs Afoul Of The Law, Trains A Duck To Waltz And Finally Beds Lucy

Chapter 143: In Which Our Hero, Newly Knighted, Seeks The Counsel Of Wizards And Eats A Peach Tart

Chapter 432: In Which Our Hero Wrestles The Devil, Greases A Pig And Rescues Young Lucy From Ninjas

Chapter 813: In Which Our Hero, Freshly Tattooed And Pierced, Goes Undercover In The Dukes Dungeon

Doc/Doctor Tempest
Someday, I’ll finish the entire 150 year run of the Doc Tempest Adventure Titles. I think I have about 110 years to go.

The Incredible Adventure Of Doctor Tempest Versus The Cat Creature

The Thrilling Adventures Of Doctor Tempest And The Rocky Mountain Monster

The Astounding Adventures Of Doctor Tempest In The Land Of The Cat Women

The Astounding Adventures Of Doctor Tempest And The Army Of Steam Giants

The Spectacular Adventures Of Doctor Tempest And The Volcano Master
Doc Tempest And The Green Fire Death

Doc Tempest VS The Killer In Yellow

Doc Tempest And The Killing Mist

Doc Tempest And The Monster On The Moon

Doc Tempest And The Murder Machine

Doc Tempest And The Time Lord

Doc Tempest VS The Robotic Dinosaurs Of Doctor Loveless

Doc Tempest VS The Batman

Doc Tempest: The Moscow Monstrosity

Doc Tempest: Terror Of The Shadow Man

Things To Know
It’s amazing how many important things most people don’t know.

The 34 Things You Should Never Put On Your Butt

The 47 Things You Should Never Touch With Your Tongue

The 6 Things You Should Never Say To A Crazed Eskimo

The 163 Things You Should Know Before Having Sex On The Beach

The 10 Things You Can Do With A Bag Full Of Snakes

The 26 Things You Should Do Before Wrestling An Elk

The 15 Things You Must Never Say To A Pissed Off Woman

The 9 Things You Never Want To Say To A Rabid Mink

The 3 Things You Just Can’t Teach A Duck

The Winkerdog
Unlike Daisy, but very much like Roscoe, our girl Winker tends to inspire subject lines with her habits and antics.

Who Watches The Winkerdog?

Never Turn Your Back On A Wet Winkerdog

The Winkerdog VS The Evil Blanket

The Dog Who Thought She Was A Lap Warmer

The First Church Of The Winkerdog

Real Life
Sometimes, real life does pop up in my subject lines.

Goodbye, Mr. Gygax

The Saga Of Doc: In Which Shit Most Certainly Happens

Goodbye, George Carlin

Now Playing For Your Amusement: John McCain & His Trained Hillbilly Hooch

Driving A Stake Through The Heart Of Reaganomics

Congratulations, Mr. Obama

Hello, Mr. Shit. Have You Met Mr. Fan?

Fuck You, 2008


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