The Further Adventures Of Doctor What And The Andalusian Dog

…with a guest appearence by Terry Gilliam

January Ends

January is just about over and I have to say, I won’t miss it. Daisy dying kinda put me into a strange place.

1: It has taken until last night before I could take much of a walk at night. It still doesn’t feel right, but it’s easier than a couple of weeks ago.

2: My LJ posting has been pretty sparse and not terribly creative. I seem to be getting my stride back, tho.

3: Our dire financial situation hasn’t helped my emotional state much. The day job is only slightly (like, $12.00 a week) better than collecting unemployment.

4: I have not been able to remember most of my dreams. For me, that is quite unusual.

I suspect things will improve greatly in February, especially after Dundracon. See, Dundracon helped me deal with my dad’s death, 25 years ago this Feb. 19th. The next year, 1985, with the first anniversary of his death coming up, a friend dragged me to the con (before that, I had only dropped in for a few hours at Dundracon 3 or 4…can’t recall which, cos I was intoxicated) and I had a good time. By the next year (when I missed the con due to…a more interesting gig), things went easier. From 1988 on, I have not missed a Dundracon. So this year, at the con, when I take my annual few minutes to think of Dad, my Uncle Robert and Roscoe, I’ll add Daisy to the list…and I’ll be ok.

But I’m sure as hell glad January 2009 is history.

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  1. I’m pretty much in the same emotional state as you, job wise. Starbucks…well, I forgot how much I hate the food service industry. I worry what it’s doing to my well being, mentally and emotionally.

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