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People, Places & Things: X’on X’in

X’on X’in is a lost city located deep in the jungles of Ecuador. It was here that Doc Tempest and his crew (with the help of the primitive and dwarven natives)tracked down the villainous Dr. Bogenbroom and stopped him from using the Nightmare Seeds to conquer the world.

The surface city measures exactly one square mile, but the underground portion is easily three times that size. The exterior city is heavily overgrown by the mutant vine that produced the Nightmare Seeds, but the undercity is remarkably well preserved due to the natives who live there. Surrounded by thick jungle and deadly swamps, the only way into the city is by airship.

According to Doc and Professor Eric Jefferson, who deciphered some of the writings found in the city, it was established 2,500 years ago by about 300 Chinese who were mysteriously transported here from their native land. Doc strongly suspected that this was due to the Ecuadorean natives eating the Nightmare Seeds, which unlock powerful psychic abilities in some humans.

It seems that the new Chinese arrivals interbred with the natives while building the city and their descendents ruled for several centuries. Then, in a single night, the majority of the cities populace died horribly. The remaining survivors fled to the undercity, where they spent much of the next 1,800 years.

Today, the city remains unknown to most of the world, but the natives can now live on the surface, since the mutant vine mutated out of it’s dangerous form.


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