Sal Schwemp, Septic Tank Cleaner To The Stars

…another semi-famous Schwemp family member

Old Skool/New Hotness

In a rare alignment of the planets and at the whim of Coyote, I find myself running an OSRIC/AD&D 1st edition game on the same Sundays that I’ll be playing in a D&D 4th edition game.

Funny ol’ world, innit?


2 comments on “Sal Schwemp, Septic Tank Cleaner To The Stars

  1. Anonymous says:

    Online Gaming
    Hey Cross, my name is Marcos Bolton, I’m from Brazil; and Toon (back in 96, I was 13 :P) was my first game I had ever GMed properly.
    I was wondering if you do roleplay online.

    • Doc Cross says:

      Re: Online Gaming
      Nope, I don’t roleplay online. I tried a couple of times, but found it to be very frustrating.
      I’m glad you got your GMing start with TOON. I have met tone of people whose first game as player or GM was TOON.

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