I’ll Kick The Troll While You Pimpslap The Ogre

…not a good plan

Quick RPG Session Report #1:

My home group, after a bit of final character creation work, started the first episode of the new “Magic Returns” series. As I mentioned before, they are a thief, a fighter and a mage working as agents for their governments version of the Secret Service. Their cover is that of traveling merchants dealing in tools and fabrics.

The first mission started with a briefing, during which they were told about tax evading smugglers working out of the frontier town of Jaffa. Their orders are to go to Jaffa, find out as much as they can…up to and including buying merchandise from the smugglers…then go back to HQ and report. No killing, no joining the smugglers for more info…just identify and report.

Along the way to Jaffa, they spent the night in two villages and even sold a fair bit of stuff in the first one. Of course, that same night they also struck out at darts (the thief), a billiardslike game (the mage) and at a chance to boink a barmaid (the fighter).

When the session ended, they had just gotten to Jaffa. Unfortunately, it looks like our next gaming session is a month away.

Quick RPG Session Report #2:

The first session of the new D&D 4E game that I’mplaying in also began with character creation, but it was vastly sped up by using a software character generator. Once that was done, the PCs (who had all known each other ten years earlier) met up in the same small town they had grown up in. After a round or three of getting re-acquainted and trying to figure out what was up with ravens returning to a seemingly impregnable wizards tower on the edge of town, we were off to help a young elven lass who had gotten trapped in the local catacombs.

We battled a bigass rat, two giant fire beetles and three yard long centipedes, but had to end the session before we could rescue the elf babe. Not sure when we’ll play again.

I must admit, the D&D 4E combat rules flowed pretty smoothly and we did pretty well for ourselves…when we weren’t rolling too low (as in, a shitload of 1’s) and missing the targets. I still don’t think I’ll be buying any of the books, but I’ll keep playing the game.