Quetzalcoatl Is My Co-Pilot

…and the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t mind

The Cross Family Has A Big Day Out

Well, a fairly long day out, anyway. See, today was Picnic Day at UC Davis, so Grace, Winker and I went to it. Now, this day is pretty big festive deal at the university and there were tons of things to see and do and thousands of people seeing and doing them.

However, due to having our loving, but not really built for walking in the heat (due to both being mostly a house dog and having somewhat deformed legs) Winkerdog with us, Grace and I opted to just go check out the Big Gathering Of Dog Rescues.

There were LOTS of dog rescues there! Old English Sheepdogs…Rat Terriers…Golden Retrievers…Weimeraners…German Shepherds…Newfoundlands…Brittany Spaniels…Mixed Breeds…and Bassets. And those are just some of the rescue operations that were there!

Golden Gate Basset Rescue had some fine hounds there, all needing a loving home. If Grace and I were living on a farm, we’d have adopted them all.

Anyway, after meeting about a zillion other dogs and being told what a cutie she was by a zillion humans, Miss Winker was plumb tuckered out and ready to return to a Basset Hound’s natural habitat…an house with central heating & air and a nice comfy recliner.

I took some pix and will try to have them posted tomorrow.

All in all, a fun day.


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