The Snake Man Builds A Boat

…that looks like a cobra

Delving In The Dungeon: Part 13 “…that’s when the shit hit the fan”

Ok…by character, this is what happens next:

Erasmus notices that not only is the tapestry done in a style that came about two full centuries after Bloody Bart died, the material making up the tapestry is…faintly moist…and has a squishy texture…and a funny, tho not unpleasant, smell. He is about to mention this to Knute when the tapestry picture changes. Now, it shows the Battle of Greenfields, which only took place 50 years ago. Stepping back to get a better look, Erasmus notices that, up near the top center of the tapestry, there are two eyes and a mouth. The eyes blink at him and then the mouth says “Hello there!” in a pleasant feminine voice.

Knute has seen something near the door. It looks as tho it could be a pressure plate, so he goes over to check it out. Hmmm, not a pressure plate, but a loose tile that has had all of the mortar chipped away from around it. Cautiously, he pries the tile up. Beneath it is a small depression in the floor and in that space is a small bottle of silvery fluid. He picks it up, then turns to tell Erasmus about it just as the tapestry mouth speaks. Knute drops the tile and stares in amazement at the tapestry.

Amalia leaves her place by the door and goes to the far side of the room, next to Periwinkle. She aims her arrow at the door. As the orcs outside force the door open (it had been partially blocked by some boxes Our Heroes had used as a barricade), she lets fly an arrow. It misses the lead orc, but hits the next one in the stomach. He lets out a high pitched squeal and doubles over. The rest of the orcs, unaware of what has happened to him, push him aside as they rush towards Amalia.

Duncan leaps forward and engages the first orc in battle. The orc is a big son of a bitch, but not as big as Duncan. Several blows are exchanged and parried before Duncan draws first blood by cutting off one of the orc’s ears.

Fergus gets in a first hit on the third orc through the door, slashing him across the chest. The orc howls in rage and manages to nick Fergus’ chin. A flurry of blows follow and finally Fergus gets lucky with a slash that nearly decapitates his foe.

Periwinkle sees that the orc shaman is beginning to chant up a spell, so she throws a dagger at him. Rather amazingly, given the distance, it hits him in the head, giving him a nasty gash to the scalp. It also stops the chant and pisses the shaman off. With a screech of rage, he points his staff at Periwinkle and lets loose a ball of blue light.

So, what does your character do now?

5 comments on “The Snake Man Builds A Boat

  1. mnemex says:

    Knute stares in at the tapestry, his eyes filled with puzzlement. “Andrea?” he says, “What are ye doing inside a tapestry?”

    • raconteurx says:

      Erasmus goggles at Knute, then at the tapestry, then at Knute again, then at the tapestry again. “Andrea,” he queries Knute incredulously, “the bard with the magical tattoos about whom you raved during that year we spent in an Orkish prison?”

  2. em_gumby says:

    Amalia pings off one last arrow at the charging orcs, drops the bow (and steps over it so it doesn’t get crushed in the ensuing melee), draws two elegantly and aesthetically carved elven hand axes, and wades in.

  3. bobmungovan says:

    Duncan will attempt to slay the Van Gogh Orc and look to see if there are more to come. If ha can make a “safe” break for it, he’ll head straight for the Shaman.

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