Millipedes Took My Hotrod Away

…no, I don’t know why

Lucy Lou Update

Well, it turns out that this weekend is also when Lucy went into heat, as if the poor baby didn’t have enough stress.

She is pretty starved for love and wants to be with Grace and I constantly, but we are also leaving her and Winker alone in the house for an hour or two at a time. This will help her deal with us not being at home during the work week. Fortunately, she is not a “Go nuts and tear up the house” kind of dog when we leave.

She is still very standoffish with Winker, who really wants to play and roughhouse with her. Still, there is no open hostility, so I reckon Lucy will warm to Winker before too long…once she is sure that Winker isn’t going to hurt her.

She has a good appetite and will go for as many walks as we can take her on. Shortly, we’ll be taking both of The Girls up to a local park for a bit of the old Walk & Sniff.

More bloggage (including some dungeon delving) later.


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