It’s All Fun and Games Until You Have To Shoot The Place Up And Take Hostages

…and then negotiate for a case of beer

The Latest Hot (Again) Meme

visited 36 states (72%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or jurisdische veraling duits?


5 comments on “It’s All Fun and Games Until You Have To Shoot The Place Up And Take Hostages

  1. tied for states
    Hey, I am tied with you for states – 36 states. Of course, they are different states and I have been to your missing state west of the Missippi – North Dakota!

    • Doc Cross says:

      Re: tied for states
      North Dakota is on tap for our next driving trip to GenCon…which may be next year, but most likely will be in 2011.
      The South will most likely have to wait until Grace & I go to Florida in 2016 on our 20th anniversary.
      Alaska I will have to go to alone, since Grace has no desire to face (as my mother phrased it) “more damned mosquitos than you can imagine”.
      Not sure how I’ll squeeze in Delaware and Rhode Island.

      • 60th Birthday
        Now Doc, if you go to GenCon 2011 (August 4 to August 7), you too can celebrate my 60TH (yes, SIXTY) BIRTHDAY!!!!
        I thought it was nice of GenCon to schedule GenCon 2001 on my birthday weekend and they were nice enough to schedule 2011 to include August 5th.

        • Doc Cross says:

          Re: 60th Birthday
          Oh, you can bet I’ll be there for your 60th, old timer:)
          I want to go to GenCon 2010 because4 it will mark 20 years since my first GenCon…where, asmong other things, I first met you, Susan and Avis.
          We shall see how the monetary situation goes between now and August 2010.

  2. doc_mystery says:

    No one ever seems to visit Delaware, which is supposed to have the lowest highest point in the USA
    P.S. Does it even exist?

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