Good Treats, Starring Altoon Brownie

…I actually used that in a TOON game

So I had this dream…

I’m sitting in a diner, eating these delicious pancakes that have a layer of dark chocolate inside them. They were light and fluffy and hot and buttery and DE-FUCKING-LISH. My dining partners were Barack Obama and Boris Karloff. Boris was regaling Mr. O and I with behind the scenes tales of all his great horror flicks. Turns out (in the dream, anyway) that the President is a big old horror movie geek.

Then, just before the dream ended, everyone in the diner started in on this big song and dance number. I don’t recall the tune, but it turns out that both Barack and Boris can do a pretty good soft shoe.

2 comments on “Good Treats, Starring Altoon Brownie

  1. megdeon says:

    Weird, I had a dream about delicious chocolate chip pancakes last night. My dream didn’t feature Barack, Boris, or a big song and dance number though. Pity.

  2. delazan says:

    You need to send that title to AB; he’ll love it.
    Glad I’m not the only who dreamt about dinner with the president.

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