Mr. Porkwaffle Climbs A Bubblegum Tree

…and ends up a pink sticky mess

HEY! You Dungeon Delving players who have not responded to the last turn had better get with it pronto! I’m very nearly ready to set the rabid opossums on ye!

In other news…

My garden looks verra verra nice. I transplanted the last of the corn seedlings yesterday. I also moved a yellow butterfly bush to a new & better location (right next to the hugeass purple butterfly bush) and planted some daylilies nearby. Oh, and if anyone in the Sacramento area wants to grow some garlic in their garden, I have plenty to give away.

In literary news…

I finished The Lies of Locke Lamora and highly recommend it to anyone who likes a good caper tale set in a mostly fantasy, but with a slight sci-fi element, variation of late medieval Venice. I shall very soon read the next book in the (proposed) series.

In roleplaying news…

After a long dry spell due to the Mystery Shopping Death March, my main group and I shall meet up again on the 28th of this month to resume our bi-weekly fantasy series. This is good, as I am sorely in need of doing my Gamemasterly thing.

Gotta walk The Girls. More bloggage later.

4 comments on “Mr. Porkwaffle Climbs A Bubblegum Tree

  1. delazan says:

    My small herb garden is still alive. Miracles do happen.

  2. foxbat says:

    Thanks for reminding me that I should check on the 3rd book of the Lies series…

  3. bobmungovan says:

    Sorry about Dungeon Delving. I’ve been off the lj a bit lately.
    I enjoyed the Lies sequel almost as much as the original.

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