The Squirmy Eel Episode

…featuring Eli, the squirmy Eel

Doc Update for Saturday, June 27th, 2009

1: Worked outside in yard for 2 hours. Got stuff done, plus got a pretty good sunburn.
2: Got a new, custom tie dyed bandana from my friends Spike, Mary & Miranda Jones. You Joneses rock!
3: Called Spike to thank him.
4: Cleaned kitchen floor
5: Vacuumed living room.
6: Washed Winker and Lucy. They be sweet smellin’ hounds now.
7: After dinner, took My Sweet Little California Love Hamster Of Cuteness for chocolate dipped ice cream cones at Dairy Queen.
8: Getting ready to watch The Spirit

More blogging later.


2 comments on “The Squirmy Eel Episode

  1. megdeon says:

    Ugh, The Spirit was a terrible movie. Carly and I left before it was even over. :P

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