The Adventure Of The Cheese Whiz Bomb

…it was loud and very messy


To all the dad’s and stepdad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day!

Have a cold one! Eat some barbecue! Watch the game! Play a game! Play wiith your kids!
Send the kids away and have a quicky with your wife! Go garden or work on your car or use some tools! Count your dice or books! See a movie! Sit around the house in your underwear! Burp! Fart! Unwrap your father’s day gifts! Take a walk with your dog…or your kids…or your wife…or any combination thereof! Enjoy your day!

And speaking of father’s, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOC_MYSTERY!

And now, I’m gonna take a walk with my dogs and My Sweet Little Onion Bagel With Cream Cheese And Lox Of Love.

Neon Vampire Princess Miko

…more fake anime

Grace and I went to see UP tonight. A very fun flick, full of adventure, laughs and a bit of sadness. Yet another jewel in Pixar’s crown. Note: We did not see it in 3D, cos 2D was cheaper and the 3D version was at another theatre.

We both agreed that if anyone ever invents a dog collar that can make canine thought into speech, we don’t want our girls to have them. Why? Cos after a couple of days of “I’m hungry. Can I have Food For Dogs now?” and “Pleeeeaaaase rub my tummy!” and “I’ve gotta pee!” and “Mommmmmm! Sister is in my chaaiiiirrrr!”, we would go nuts. Now, if the dog got smarter as time went on, that might not be bad. For ordinary dogs? Nope. And not for cats, either.

The Rare And Beautiful Fluffy Walrus Of Potawango Island

…they sit on the beach and yodel softly

Hey, don’t everybody jump on that poll in my last post all at once.

Apparently, my Sweet Angel, Grace, has become a Twitterer or Twittenator or Twitterpator or whatever they are called.

Temperatures here have reached real June levels and my garden in shifting into high gear.

More stuff later

Dogs Makiing Milkshakes, Cats Frying French Fries, Mice Flipping Burgers

…it’s an animal land IN N OUT franchise

A Few Words On Future LJ Experiments

I know I ended the Dungeon Delving game, but be of good cheer, Dear Readers…more experiments are on the way! Now, none of them will be designed for a long haul, but some will involve group storytelling/roleplaying. Others will be along the “Take this poll” line, while others will be somethiing entirely different. This blog has been getting too damned boring and predictable lately, so it’s time for me to shake things up.

But right now, I’m gonna do my daily webcomic sweep, then hit the sack.

Ugly Reptile Children Are Stalking You

…so, basically, you’re screwed

Delving In The Dungeon

Due to a rather serious dropoff of the number of folks responding with turns…and my own lack of speed responding to them…I’m ending the Dungeon Delving experiment. BUT, I’m going to tell you how things ended.

The End Of The Delve (And What Happened After)

It was decided that, since Andrea knew a great many things about the dungeon, the party would use her as a guide. What happened next included…

An encounter with a great many very angry spiders that were roughly the size of a full grown sheep.

Tea with a mummy. The scones were delicious.

The finding of a door that was not locked, but had a very large sign on it saying Do NOT open this door! We mean it! No…really…you’ll be sorry if you open this door! Naturally, Fergus opened it. It was a broom closet.

A long and bloody battle with a troll.

Another long and bloody battle, this time with one of the other dungeon delving parties. Our group kicked their asses.

Much treasure was found. Periwinkle managed to steal the best stuff for herself.

Amalia found 7 magical arrows. 6 of them produced fireballs when they hit. The seventh turned the target (a human mage) into a chicken.

Erasmus deciphered a scroll that showed the way to the main treasure room of the dungeon.

Unfortunately, the main treasure room was being used as a mating site for two red dragons. Our Heroes made one of the greatest stealthy retreats in history.

Knute found the Pool of Restoration and used it to restore Andrea to her original (and, might we say, hot) form. Duncan used the pool to restore his left pinky finger, which had earlier been bitten off by a giant rat.

Everyone escaped from the dungeon in pretty good health…and with a lot of loot.

Erasmus learned 9 new spells from various scrolls, gained 3 magical rings and became the envy of the Junior Wizards League.

Amalia outfitted herself with all the best equipment an adventurer could want and then joined a famous mercenary army. Some years later, she conqured the kingdoms of Brindolhoff, East Pidwin, Yuveristan and Ulirila.

Periwinkle moved to the Great City of Ospin and used her wealth to take control of the Thieves Brotherhood.

Fergus and Duncan used a small part of their money to buy fine armor and weapons. Then, they blew the rest on whores, ale and more whores. (they like whores)

Knute and Andrea got married, moved to Ispedalia, began writiing and reading poetry and were eventually declared Liviing Treasures Of The Ipedalian People. Oh, and they liived happily ever after.

Solar Powered Chicken Cars

…in case your chickens like to drive

Health Update: Aside from a runny nose and an annoying tickle in my throat, I’m feeling way better. I blame my recent health woes on the unseasonably cool and damp weather. Man, this whole global warming thing is gonna suck.

Lucy Update: She is still a very timid girl, but was a very good girl when she went to Petco with Grace and got her rabies booster on Saturday. She is still a bit iffy about Winker, but does not run away from her anymore.

Garden Update: Besides fucking with my health, this screwed up weather is not doing my garden any good. my chiles, tomatoes, beans, melons, squash…they all want the hot weather. Fortunately, temps are predicted to be in the 80’s & 90’s this week, so maybe I’ll be eating fresh veggies in another month or so.

More bloggage later.