Who Knew That One Fox Bark Could Incite A Small, Fully Panicked, Riot?

…well, maybe the fox did

The Final Walter Question

Ok, Gentle Readers, this is the last question about Walter, our working class superhero.

The Bluebird Of Sappyness

…not as well known as his famous brother

So, I’ve got a couple of ideas for Cheapass Games level card/board games. My question to you, Dear Readers, is: What is the best way to go about making prototypes to send out to playtesters? What about making the final product? I am quite clueless as to these processes.

Go Fast, Then Slow, Then Really Fast

…driving instructions from Christopher, 1989

In my recent post about Game Day, I forgot to mention that I told my players about one of the upcoming segments of our ongoing series: they’ll be students at Hogwarts.

Now, to explain that. See, right now, the world that they live in is at about the average magical level of your typical D&D 2nd edition setting. But the mana level of the entire planet has been rising…and will continue for awhile longer, until pretty much everyone is a high powered wizard. In fact, the highest powered wizards will be almost godlike.

And then wizard wars breaks out and it all goes to shit.

I won’t be running any games set in that time period, because I did it once, many years ago and it was as close to a sublime gaming experience as I’ve ever had.

Anyway, the “wizards as gods” segment will come about 500 years after the present segment, and about 500 years before the “Hogwarts” segment.

Things will be very much like they are in the Harry Potter books, only with a sort of mid-18th century Muggle society. There will not be any sort of Lord Voldemort story arc and they will not be playing characters from the books. In fact, the whole segment will focus on just one year at school. Not yet sure which year it’ll be.

As I said many moons ago, this entire series is meant to trace the Return, Rise and Decline of magic in the world. The “wizards as gods” era is the high point. After that, magic is fading from the world.

I reckon that, after the Hogwarts segment, there will be 3-4 more segments left. The final segment will, of course, find Our Heroes attempting to hide the Soul of Magic away until, a couple of thousand years in the future, it can be released again. Which is what started all of this in the first place.

And now, I must have tea.

The Ice Cream Dwarves Build A Fortress

…with sprinkles

Walter, Working Class Superhero

And lo, the people spoke and Walter did wear thrift shop clothing as his heroic garb. And in truth, he did wear different items each time he set forth to smite evil in the face. Hard.

And the people saw this and said it was good.

Twelve Miles To The Nearest Fruit Stand

…and we were really needing some fruit

El Stuffo

1: We had Game Day yesterday and my players had tons of fun, as did I. They managed not only to get their characters all the way to the ruined city of Barchan, but also helped return a Knight and his Lady to life so they could banish a demon. Admittedly, the demon was released from his imprisonment by the parties thief, who just had to see what that magical key did when inserted into the magical lock, but it all worked out in the end. The adventure also contained zombie children, amazing Luck rolls, hidden treasures, a Lesser Demon, lots of friendly dogs, phat loot, possession by evil bitches, hungry and/or pissed off giants, dungeons, a very reasonable troll, magical armor, Coolest. Sword. Evar., a bountiful harvest of useful herbs, copper treasure maps of Freeport, hidden cubbyholes and a bigass serpentine water elemental.

2: Yet another meme…Ten Desert Island RPGs…listed in no particular order…
(oh, yeah, you get the basic rules plus all supplements…AND 6-8 other people to game with)

Over The Edge
AD&D 2nd edition
Castle Falkenstein
Mutants & Masterminds
Call of Cthulhu
Runequest 2nd edition

3: I am beginning to think that I may have to take a part time job on weekends, IF I can find one. We are being badly hammered by the economy and need to get caught up on at least a few bills. *SIGH* Working 7 days a week…plus doing mystery shops…is gonna seriously kick my ass.

And now, I must take miss Lucy Lou on a walk. More blogtasticness later.

My Other Dog Is a Werewolf

…it’s a joke, Lucy

I must be gettin’ old, since in my recent DogCon post, I referred to this years fictional event as “DogCon 2”. In fact, this being an alternate year, the con will be called CatCon 2.

And speaking of the bigass fictional alternative to GenCon, I shall once again be running a total of 16 hours of gaming, so as to qualify for a “Featured GM” badge. Also, and I’m not 100% sure how this works, it appears that Winker will be a “featured NPC” in one of this years pets only LARPs, “Hairy Pupper and the Deathly Howls”.

I’ve also heard that both Grace and I may be recruited for a real live old timey radio theatre event. Apparently, the rich guys behind the con have bought a controlling interest in Wilted Springs radio station. I expect there will be a webcast, too, since that’s what all the kids are into nowadays.

And now, I’m off to play Puzzle Pirates