My Other Dog Is a Werewolf

…it’s a joke, Lucy

I must be gettin’ old, since in my recent DogCon post, I referred to this years fictional event as “DogCon 2”. In fact, this being an alternate year, the con will be called CatCon 2.

And speaking of the bigass fictional alternative to GenCon, I shall once again be running a total of 16 hours of gaming, so as to qualify for a “Featured GM” badge. Also, and I’m not 100% sure how this works, it appears that Winker will be a “featured NPC” in one of this years pets only LARPs, “Hairy Pupper and the Deathly Howls”.

I’ve also heard that both Grace and I may be recruited for a real live old timey radio theatre event. Apparently, the rich guys behind the con have bought a controlling interest in Wilted Springs radio station. I expect there will be a webcast, too, since that’s what all the kids are into nowadays.

And now, I’m off to play Puzzle Pirates


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