You Just Can’t Find Good Squid Juice Anymore

…which is probably a good thing

If any of you whine to me about Disney buying Marvel, I swear I’ll rip off your head and shit down your neck.

Just sayin’.

Oh, and go post your ideas for the latest poll.

Like A Spider Making Love To A Fly

…intense, but ending badly

I made a stab at being all domesticy and shit today. Grace was out doing stuff so I washed a ton of clothes, washed dishes, watered the garden and tidied up a bit. I was gonna bathe The Girls, but decided to put it off until tomorrow. Then Grace came home, we went out for Chinese, then came home and watched “Coraline” (which we both liked).

Doc Tempest VS The Zombies Of Broadway

…from the November, 1955 issue

Screwy weather here today. It’s overcast outside, yet we are supposed to have temps near 100. WTF?

Took Lucy out to pee a few minutes ago and damned near got hit in the face by a hummingbird. That’s like the 15th time that has happened since we moved here. I’m glad they love the garden but…damn!

I think barbecue will be on the menu this weekend. Something in the pork family…chops or loin, maybe.

More bloggage later.

Pictures At An Extradition

…that one made me groan

And The Poll Winner Is…

CyberPulp Time & Dimensional Adventures!

And why did I have you all vote on these genres? Why, to come up with adventure seeds, of course!

1: Death From Tomorrow: Wealthy and important people are being found nude and disoriented, babbling about having been kidnapped to the future! Soon, some of them begin to die from a strange malady. Can you and your team solve this mystery before more lives are lost?

2: The Evil Twins: People who look exactly like members of your team…down to their fingerprints…are committing spectacular robberies. Can this be linked to Professor Archer’s experiments with sub-spatial physics? With everyone from the local police to the FBI on your trail, you must find out…even if the clues lead to another Earth!

3: Seas Of Evil: During your battle with Doctor Loveless and his gang, a delicate experiment was disrupted, sending you all back in time to Port Royal, during the Age of Piracy. Now you are all that stands between Doctor Loveless and his mad scheme to rewrite history! Can you stop him and find a way to get back to your own time?

4: He Could Rock The World: When Professor Archer uses his Trans-spatial Equalizer to open a gateway to another reality, he never expected a terrified young lady to come through it, pleading for help to save her world from tyranny. Now it’s up to you and your team to journey to this other world and help defeat the High Lord Elvis and his Army of Rock.

That last one is a total riff on a Doc savage title, “He Could Stop The World”. I have no shame.

More bloggage later.

The Sad Mole Saloon

…full of weepy insectivores

Ok, So I’m On Facebook…Again?.

I just opened an account on Facebook as Doc Cross. I thought I had already started an account there years ago, but since I forgot about it AND have no info about it, I did a new one.

So, if yer on Facebook, friend me or whatever. I have no idea what I’ll DO with Facebook, other than TOP SECRET STUFF (that’s a private joke), but who knows.

Gotta go eat tamales. Poll results and stuff tonight.

Six Million Pounds Of Duck Fat

…they were some fuckin’ huge ducks

Stuff, California Style

1: Yo, members of the gaming tribe…only 12 days until the DunDraCon website goes live for you GMs to submit your games for consideration.

2: Speaking of the above mentioned Coolest Game Con In North America, they have scans of old DunDraCon program books from about #4 on at the website. It’s pretty cool to look through them.

3: Final DunDraCon note…I’ve just about decided that my 21st annual Toon game will be “Hairy Pupper and the Sorcerous Bone”.

4: In chatting with a certain Young Jedi In Exile, the subject came up of how people would react if godlike aliens forced all of us back to a rural agrarian lifestyle…or just took away all of our technology. We decided thay most teenagers and folks in their 20’s would just about go catatonic if they were deprived of cell phones (and landlines), computers, cars, shopping malls, music players, tv, radio, etc. Your opinions?

Must go eat. More blogging later.