Pink Lizard Things

…with big red eyes

CatCon2: The Trip There, Day 4, Part Two

(NOTE: The following is all fictional.)

Oy! That was one long honkin’ drive! Fortunately, My Sweet Angel was able to drive a bit every couple of hours, so I got some rest. I also got a chance to watch a couple of episodes of Good Eats that I hadn’t seen before.

Lunch at The Big Texan was as yummy as ever. I had a country fried steak that was just smaller that Delaware. Grace and Sharon split a cowboy steak that looked to weigh about 5 pounds. The Girls, who stayed on the bus playing games on their Wii, each got a bunch of steak bones that the manager rounded up for us.

So, we are here in Big Spring, staying at Jimbo Bob’s RV Park & Truckstop. It’s actually pretty nice here, with lots of green grass, trees and a dog park.

Tomorrow, we expect to roll into Wilted Springs (and the Hyatt Regency) at about noon. After lunch and some dog/human fun at one of the amusement parks, it will be nap time until the “Featured GM Dinner and Party”, which all Gamemasters are invited to.

And now, to bed.

Destination Sign reading when we hit Amarillo: Cimmeria

Destination Sign reading now: Gallifrey

Wildlife Sighted: ten thousand jackrabbits, several vultures, a rattlesnake, crows, a coyote and a skunk.