Doc Tempest VS The Evil Angel

…from the May, 1955 issue

The Terror In The Woods (continued)

GM’s Eyes Only

Professor Bader, Reverend Karloff and Maxie are, of course, working together. Professor Bader is the brains behind the group. Reverend Karloff is the creepy cloaked (and masked) figure. He is younger than he looks and in great physical shape. Maxie mostly does muscle work and the odd murder attempt against Our Heroes. The Creeper’s mysterious fog, like his ability to generate mind numbing terror, is a product of Professor Bader and his team of German scientists.

As to exactly what they are up to, there could be several motives.

1: They are trying to frigten powerful men of industry and/or scientists, into insanity, thereby weaking America in case of a future war. (this adventure takes place a couple of years before WWII starts)

2: They are trying to frighten industrial/scientific secrets out of those same people.

3: They want to drive one certain man to suicide, thus allowing the handsome and smooth Professor Bader a chance to woo the widow and take over the company.

4: This is all just a test of the fear and fog compounds. If they are successful, Germany will produce an army of Creepers.

5: They are out to steal plans/a prototype/a sample of some amazing new stuff.

Gota get ready for work. Grand finale to this adventure next post.

A +2 Vorpal Cheese Grater

…+4 VS Gorgonzola Golems

The Terror In The Woods (continued)

NPCs To Encounter

Professor Ram Singh: A scientist who has been doing top secret chemical research for the US government

Freight Train Fulton: A rather amiable and smart hobo who has been hanging around the Grogan’s Corner area for a couple of weeks.

Wong Chow: A highly skilled restaurant cook, he has worked at Lake of the Pines for 5 years.

Ranger Ted Newton: A strapping young park ranger in Big Pine State Park, which surrounds Lake of the Pines and Grogan’s Corner

Professor Bader: A college professor and, if the PCs keep an eye on him, Nazi spy. He is staying at the resort.

Reverend Karloff: A tall, thin and rather mean looking travelling evangelist. He has set up a trailer in Grogan’s Corner. He preaches for hours every day from atop a small platform beside his trailer.

Maxie: Is a tough thug who says he has changed his sinful ways and now travels with Reverend Karloff.

Locations To Check Out

The Main Lodge: A very large building with a huge porch on three sides, a ballroom/theatre, a large restaurant and dining hall and many other rooms, large and small.

The Boathouse/Docks: The boathouse and docks are big, since many rich folks keep their boats here.

The Cabins: Most of these “cabins” are roughly the size of a 3 bedroom home.

The Small Island Just Offshore: About 10 acres in size and about 1000 feet off shore, it is a favorite spot for artists, birdwatchers, young lovers and clandestine meetings.

The Woods Nearby: Are deep pine woods, with abundant wildlife and places to explore…or hide.

Off to bed. More of this next post.

Wicked Pigs Ate All Of My Endive

…grilled, with olive oil and sea salt

The As Completed As We’re Gonna Do It Here Poll Created Adventure

Ya know, this was supposed to be a globe trotting pulp adventure, but we forgot to add any exotic locales. In light of that, I hereby declare this Part One of a two part globe trotting adventure! Can I pull my ass outta the fire or what? :)

Anyhow, here is the synopsis of Part One..

The Terror In The Woods
A free pulp era adventure for 4 players

Created by Doc Cross & His Live Journal Friends

The Setup: A strange cloaked figure is haunting the Lake Of The Pines resort in the Adirondack Mountains. Spreading fear among many and near insane terror among some, this creature of evil has eluded capture in a thick fog that seems to appear on command.

At the request of the local police chief of nearby Grogan’s Corner, you, along with your assistants Dr. Lois VanDane, the amazing Professor Morris Moskowitz and your faithful & ever resourceful butler, Grimsby, have come to solve this mystery and put a stop to The Creeper!

Ack! Gotta go! Will finish this next post.

The Wonderfulness Of Eating Pie

…blueberry pie with whipped cream

The Adventure By Poll Thing

Ok, so now we have our locations…

At the Lake Of The Pines resort, our creepy villain will cause all manner of trouble in The Woods Nearby, The Main Lodge, The Boathouse/Docks, The Cabins and The Small Island Just Offshore. The police in the nearby town of Grogan’s Corner (I had to flip a coin to break the tie with Pine Gap) have called Our Heroes to investigate.

Next post: I put all of the pieces together for your amusement and/or use in a game.

Mexican Jenny Runs Nekkid In The Redwoods

…midsummer, 1978

Adventure Design By Poll: Part…I can’t remember

Ok, folks, wehave a winner in the strange power category…our creepy cloaked figure can summon up a thick eerie fog.

Let’s see now…we have…a genre…NPCs of all types…a setting…a bad guy with strange powers…Hmmm…I think we need some more specific locations within our Resort Area setting.

The California Kid Sings The Early Morning Blues

…with soul

I’m up too damned early on a Saturday because I have to be at a safety meeting at work. BLAH!

Since I’m up, here are the latest poll results.

Our Heroes are in the Adirondacks at Pine Lake Resort, a favorite of rich and powerful families, investigating reports of a a creepy cloaked figure. This mysterious person or thing has been mostly just wandering around scaring the shit outta people, but on a couple of occasions has spread spreading mind numbing fear among small groups of people, leaving them terrified and babbling for hours afterward.

And now, our next poll…

Besides the ability to create abject terror in people, our creepy villain has another ability. He (or She or It) can…

Riding On A Moonbeam

…just havin’ crazy fun

Adventure Creation By Poll: The NPCs

Ok, so obviously, not having a REAL poll made lots of you choose not to vote. Pussies!

Anyway, here are the winning PCs as chosen by those who DID vote.

Team Member NPCs

Dr. Lois VanDane, medical doctor
Professor Morris Moskowitz, walking encyclopedia
Grimsby, gentleman’s gentleman

Neutral NPCs

Professor Ram Singh, scientist
Freight Train Fulton, hobo
Wong Chow, restaurant cook
Ranger Ted Newton, park ranger

Bad Guy NPCs

Professor Bader, college professor and Nazi spy
Reverend Karloff, travelling evangelist
Maxie, a tough thug

So now, we figure out what the hell is going on.

The Threatening Menace Poll