The Highly Improbable, Yet Totally True, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Parrot Who Played D&D

…featuring her favorite cousin, Sunflower


1: Our poor little Winker is in heat and it is pretty stressful for her. I wish we could get her spayed, but her heart murmur precludes putting her under sedation. During her next check up, I’m gonna ask the vet if there are any drugs that can at least alleviate the worst of her heat symptoms.

2: Grace and I are on the verge of starting another Mystery Shopping Death March. This one will, thankfully, only last 3 weeks. Of course, that’s on top of our regular jobs.

3: I’ve been watching Defying Gravity and it has been holding my attention pretty well, despite a few rather goofy points.

4: Speaking of science fiction on tv, this season looks like it may have a couple of interesting offerings. Fast Forward might be kinda cool and what I’ve seen of the V reboot doesn’t seem to suck. Both of them, however, will have to go a long way to beat Fringe.

5: Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster,

Please let my wife and I win the Mega Millions lottery. We aren’t greedy, we’ll gladly take just a few hundred thousand. Of course, if you wanna give us the whole shebang, we won’t bitch.

Thank you,


6: Damn! Almost time to head off to work. Gotta eat my yogurt, then walk The Girls. More blogola later.


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