A +2 Vorpal Cheese Grater

…+4 VS Gorgonzola Golems

The Terror In The Woods (continued)

NPCs To Encounter

Professor Ram Singh: A scientist who has been doing top secret chemical research for the US government

Freight Train Fulton: A rather amiable and smart hobo who has been hanging around the Grogan’s Corner area for a couple of weeks.

Wong Chow: A highly skilled restaurant cook, he has worked at Lake of the Pines for 5 years.

Ranger Ted Newton: A strapping young park ranger in Big Pine State Park, which surrounds Lake of the Pines and Grogan’s Corner

Professor Bader: A college professor and, if the PCs keep an eye on him, Nazi spy. He is staying at the resort.

Reverend Karloff: A tall, thin and rather mean looking travelling evangelist. He has set up a trailer in Grogan’s Corner. He preaches for hours every day from atop a small platform beside his trailer.

Maxie: Is a tough thug who says he has changed his sinful ways and now travels with Reverend Karloff.

Locations To Check Out

The Main Lodge: A very large building with a huge porch on three sides, a ballroom/theatre, a large restaurant and dining hall and many other rooms, large and small.

The Boathouse/Docks: The boathouse and docks are big, since many rich folks keep their boats here.

The Cabins: Most of these “cabins” are roughly the size of a 3 bedroom home.

The Small Island Just Offshore: About 10 acres in size and about 1000 feet off shore, it is a favorite spot for artists, birdwatchers, young lovers and clandestine meetings.

The Woods Nearby: Are deep pine woods, with abundant wildlife and places to explore…or hide.

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