Wicked Pigs Ate All Of My Endive

…grilled, with olive oil and sea salt

The As Completed As We’re Gonna Do It Here Poll Created Adventure

Ya know, this was supposed to be a globe trotting pulp adventure, but we forgot to add any exotic locales. In light of that, I hereby declare this Part One of a two part globe trotting adventure! Can I pull my ass outta the fire or what? :)

Anyhow, here is the synopsis of Part One..

The Terror In The Woods
A free pulp era adventure for 4 players

Created by Doc Cross & His Live Journal Friends

The Setup: A strange cloaked figure is haunting the Lake Of The Pines resort in the Adirondack Mountains. Spreading fear among many and near insane terror among some, this creature of evil has eluded capture in a thick fog that seems to appear on command.

At the request of the local police chief of nearby Grogan’s Corner, you, along with your assistants Dr. Lois VanDane, the amazing Professor Morris Moskowitz and your faithful & ever resourceful butler, Grimsby, have come to solve this mystery and put a stop to The Creeper!

Ack! Gotta go! Will finish this next post.